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Task 1

  1. 1. Task 1What is a music video?
  2. 2. What are the conventions of amusic video?The conventions of a music video are that they includethe artist or band.The shots for a music video tend to beclose ups, long shots and mid shots to either the locationof the music video to set the scene, to show the emotionof the artist to show the emotion of the song and toshow the actions that the artist is doing for exampleplaying an instrument, dancing or miming the words.
  3. 3. The mise en scene of a musicvideoThe mise en scene of a music video can vary depending on the artist or band andwhat genre of music they are in. For example rock bands tend to have a clip of themperforming live to their fans dressed up in their outfits such as metalcore music has astereotype of being dressed in all black to match the music they play. Whereas a R&Bmusic video you’d expect to see dancing, women and the clothing worn would bemore whites colours and the artist or band would have a crisp look to them. Anexample of a RNB music video isTimbaland ft JustinTimberlake where there is a lot ofwomen, dancing and the outfits worn are crisp looking.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRdHsuuXxfkAn example of a metalcore music video isArchitects - FollowTheWater where thevideo is all performance based on one of their shows to a crowd of fans.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS8sYmTcM4w&feature=relmfu
  4. 4. For the editing in music videos jump cuts are used to changefrom one scene to another quickly.To edit a music video apopular edit is a dissolve or fade into black to show theaudience that the music video has ended. Also music videossometimes have parallel narrative so that the music video isable to show to sides of a story, perhaps a live performanceand a narrative.The lighting is important in a music videobecause it sets the tone for the music video such as darklighting could be depressing to match the tone of the songwhereas bright lighting could mean the song tone is happy.
  5. 5. What is the purpose of a musicvideoThe main purpose of a music video is to sell thesong. By selling the song you advertise the bandwhich increase the CD sales if they like the single.Another purpose for a music video is to help theaudience understand the meaning of the song butthe main purpose is the promotion of the band/cd.
  6. 6. Three types of music videosThe three types of music videos are concept based,narrative based and performance based. Concept basedmeans a style of music video that is usually based arounda certain concept or idea. Performance based is wherethe music video shows the artist performing throughoutthe music video. Narrative based music video means thatthe music video is showing/telling a story.
  7. 7. Concept music videoA concept video is a video based around a single idea.The video is usually unusual andobscure for the audience.The unusual content is an attraction to many consumers,which draws them in. Concept videos are usually designed for a niche audience and issomething described as pure concept art. A successful concept video will keep theaudience entertained and constantly looking at what or who is on the screen.Concept videos are designed to create a meaning. In the concept video of Best ofYouby Foo Fighters. In the video there are artistic hints of graffiti and clips of real lifescenes to create meaning behind the song.We only see quick flashes of these clipswhich make it a concept video as they are quite obscure images as we don’t see themfor long.
  8. 8. Performance based music videoA performance based music video example is Foo Fighters –The Pretenderbecause throughout the music video the band are seen performing with theirinstruments. In the video there are a range of camera angles which create anatmosphere of rising energy which matches the tempo of the music as it alsorises throughout the song.The use of camera angles creates the star theorybecause we are see the clothing worn by the band but also emotions of the bandcreates the feeling of the song but also reflects the genre of the music.The fastcamera shots of this video create a fast and edgy feel creating a stir.Performance based videos are good when working to a budget as they aren’thigh costing.
  9. 9. Narrative based music videoAn example of a narrative based music video is Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia because there are two versions ofthis music video, one is 9 minutes long or there is the 11 minutes long version which tells us a bit more about thesong and the music video helping us understand.The music video for Jesus of Suburbia follows the story of a boycalled Jimmy and we see everything that he has to go through which then leads to him leaving his family andhometown behind.This storyline is common to the genre of rock music of not belonging. In the music video thereare a range of camera shots to create meaning most of them are close ups of the main character (Jimmy) to showhis emotions.The band aren’t in the music video much which makes us reflect on the narrative of the story ratherthan the bands image.The use of a narrative music video is that the video is designed to tell a story though themoving image. The use of a narrative video is that it helps the audience understand the meaning of the song. Inthe video for Jesus of Suburbia it works with Goodwins theory as most of the video has a notion of looking as thereare females throughout the music video to convey the lifestyle the main character has giving us backgroundinformation.