Task 1 111


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Task 1 111

  1. 1. In what ways doesyour media productuse, develop orchallenge forms and {conventions of realmedia products?
  2. 2. When creating my music video I looked at my research to help guide me in what I wanted to achieve from my own music video. I did this by doing research looking into other music videos out there. What I noticed from my music video research was that music videos fall into a concept based video, a performance based video or a narrative based video. For my chosen genre (Melodic hardcore) I found out that a lot of the music video in this scene tend to be performance based rather than concept or narrative videos. For my music video I have decided to challenge the conventions for my chosen music genre.Music video
  3. 3. For my music video I have chosen to do anarrative based music video. I have chosen to dothis because I think the theme of this song to mehas a story like feel to it as it has references of thepast, present and future. I have also chosen to doa narrative music video as it lets the audiencefocus on the themes of the song rather thanwhat’s happening in the video but also itcomplements each other as you understand themeaning of the song. There are themes of love inthis song so I have tried to show this in thevisuals.
  4. 4. This is a typical music video for a melodic hardcore video they feature the band playing a live show in front of a crowd at one of their tightly compacted venues where there are activities such as crowd surfing, moshing and mic grabs from the band to the audience. This image is from the melodic hardcore band, More Than Life.Typical videos from the melodic hardcoregenre of music
  5. 5. Conventions I have usedin my music video
  6. 6. In my music video I was strongly drawn to use blackand white for my music video. I chose to do black and white as I think it has connotations of the past as it’sused to show events from a long time ago. I think this was important for my music video as the song I have chosen has references to the past. For this black andwhite I was strongly influenced by Green Day’s Macy Day Parade video.
  7. 7. In my music video I got inspiration from Green Day’s Macy Day video. This shotfeatures my model seen in a mid shot which then zooms out slowly so we see this upper torso. The setting for this image was chosen is in an outside location. Ithink that because the lighting is outside that the natural lighting highlights parts of his face. The costume chosen also has a casual feel about it but also because of the clothing worn is fashionable it makes us think that this is the clothing which people who listen to this genre of music will look like. Also, the model chosen is in the age brackets of my audiences so it makes it relatable. There is direct eyecontact between the model and the camera as he looks directly into the camera as if he is looking at us.
  8. 8. For the shots for the video I have looked at My Chemical Romances videofor ‘I Don’t Love You’ as I liked the different shot choices which they havechosen for the video which compliment the lyrics well. Also, I think outof all the music videos I did look at for inspiration for my own musicvideo this one is probably the most similar one as a lot of the setting andthe shots are alike. The image below I think looks a lot like the still shot Ihave chosen in my music video as the black and white colour, shot typeand the height of the camera is the same.
  9. 9. In this scene of my music video we see the artist looking into the camera from an angle which gives us a higher authority as we look down on him making him look defenceless and helpless which is what comes across from the song. This defenceless and helplessness is also shown in the music video which I was inspired by My Chemical Romance as he looks up to the camera whichhighlights his sad emotions which indicate the meaning of the song which I thinkthis shot shows. The setting for this shot was set outside but also the background is very similar to the My Chemical Romance one as you can see the darker colours in the bark which is also shown in my video, this is because of the black and white colour.
  10. 10. For the next shot I did I looked at My Chemical Romancesvideo for ‘I Don’t Love You’. What I liked about this shootwas the falling of leaves as I think it’s a symbol of death ordying in the case for the shot this song was from was thedying love between two people. When creating my musicvideo I didn’t want to show dying so I picked leaves stillon the trees with the sun glistening off them as it hasconnotations of spring and rebirth.
  11. 11. When looking at the themes of my song there were references to the past and future but also the structure of the song works in a story sort of way as it has abeginning and an end. I have tried representing this by using leaves to show this. I think because the season I filmed my music video which was autumn the changing leaves colour has journey connotations as they die but come back againthe following year. Also, the nature in the video compliments the song as it makes it a lot more calming and relaxing.
  12. 12. The next shot I liked in My Chemical Romances music videowas the touching of hands. I liked the touching of hands andwanted it in my music video as I think that hands act asbinding each other and has connotations of closeness andrelationship. I didn’t want to have the distance in my musicvideo as I think it makes it look like they are growing apartfrom each other but instead I wanted the hands which looklike the male put his hand on top of the girls by accidentwhich is typical from movies.
  13. 13. I have chosen to have hand holding in my music video as I was inspired by themusic video for My Chemical Romance as I think that there is references in thesong I have chosen about taking their time and I think that the way I haveshown this is by making my models do an action which is how the guy makesthe first move. The angle of the shot I have chosen was a low angle shot. I choseto do this so that the camera focuses on the action of the two models thananything in the background. I think this shot makes it a significant scene in mymusic video.
  14. 14. For the next shoot I got inspiration from the music video byLana Del Ray – Blue Jeans. What I liked about this watershot was the ripples of the water which was emphasised bythe black and white colouring as it also showed on the lightreflecting of the water but it also has connotations ofcalming.
  15. 15. As my video has references to journey I wanted to show this by using water toshow this as water has a journey as it moves from town to town. I think that this was quite effective as it brought the nature but also as my music video was filmed by the riverside it made my music have the references of journeythroughout it. What I like about this shot is that the black and white colouring of the music video highlights the sun hitting the water. This shot was inspired by Lana Del Ray’s – Blue Jeans music video.
  16. 16. For the next shot I looked at I again got inspiration from Lana Del Rey’s BlueJeans video. Even though Lana Del Ray doesn’t fit into my chosen genre of musicI liked the way the video was filmed by the use of different angles and scenery. Ichose to do a similar scenery to this video as it made the video look unreal andnatural. Obviously I couldn’t do a palm tree setting but it wouldn’t have matchedthe themes of my song anyway so I think choosing trees from a forest lookedmore effective as it was in locations which would surround the areas where Ifilmed my music video. I also liked the silhouette effect which the light gives thetrees and I wanted that in my music video.
  17. 17. This shot from my music video starts by having the camera unfocused then focusing on the sun. What I think was effective about this shot was that thesuns rays as it came into focus it all became one making the sun. This comingof different sun rays could be a symbol for two people becoming one. Also, I think that it shows off the nature side of my music video which is quite calming just like the song.
  18. 18. For my next shot in my music video I got inspiration fromMy Chemical Romances video. I haven’t used their camerashot or but the lighting used in this video I thought lookedreally effective and I wanted to have that in my own musicvideo. Also, the setting used in their video I liked as it lookedmore professional and more clean and crisp in comparisonto the more outside locations. The black and white alsoemphasises the light hitting off the models but also theirclothing.
  19. 19. This shot was set in a studio setting. I chose to do a studio setting as my feedback suggested that this is what I could have done to make my music video better by breaking down the amount of outside locations with more professional likesettings. I think that this shot shows off the music video conventions of my chosen genre (melodic hardcore) as a common thing which was apart in the music video from melodic hardcore was the showing of instruments but also the videos from melodic hardcore was a performance. The lighting used in this shot was studiolighting which I have experience using as I am currently studying photography A level.
  20. 20. In Andrew Goodwins Theory he says that music videosdemonstrate the genre characteristics. In my music video I think Ihave shown the genre of my song by using models which wouldlisten to this music but they would also represent the audienceallowing them to relate to my main model as he looks and is thesame age as the people who would listen to this music. I havechallenged the conventions by not having my artist doing a stageperformance as I didn’t think it would fit the theme of my song.He also says that the visuals represents the song. I think I haveshown this for example when the song goes ‚let’s go walking onthe boardwalk‛ I have shown this by my model walking along theboard walk. ANDREW GOODWINS
  21. 21. Digipak
  22. 22. This is the digipak for my artist. I have taken inspiration from another band which is also from the same record company as my own artist. What I think is similar about my digipak in comparison to this real media product is the edgy font which a lot of the bands in the chosen recording company (Bridge Nine Records) use. The reason why I looked at this digipak for inspiration for my own was that it shows off the genre of the artist because of the slow shutter speed used on the real media product which has connotations of speed and anger. In my digipak I wanted to show off my genre for my digipak by showing the instruments for my digipak as it shows what instruments are played in this album. Because I picked an acoustic guitar it doesn’t match my chosen genre which tends to have electric guitars which challenges the conventions of real media products but my font makes the audience think that the band has an edgy feel toit which is also emphasized by the black and white colouring as it’s quite dark which the genre for my chosen genre has connotations for.
  23. 23. This is the back of my digipak which was inspired by Florence and The Machines back cover/ Even though Florence and The Machine isn’t in the same genre of music as my chosen genre the album is black and white butalso is quite dark with the image of the lungs. What I liked about this image was the black and white emphasizedthe lungs but also the writing. This was something which I wanted to include in my own digipak. I also liked thelayout for this digipak as the writing was beneath the image drawing attention to the image but also the way thesongs of the album were in like a paragraph I really liked. For my own digipak I used a similar layout to Florence and The Machine as I liked that it drew attention to the image. I have also made my digipak conventional byusing the barcode which is seen on all digipaks. I placed mine on the top right hand corner as I wanted to includemy record companys logo. Adding the recording company was something which was conventional to real mediaproducts but especially to my chosen recording company who have their logo on the back of their own digipaks. The image chosen for my digipak isn’t conventional because the melodic hardcore genre tends to be about gigs and the more energetic angry side of the genre but I felt that my song didn’t fit in with that energetic side of the genre so I wanted to have images of love and couples which wasn’t conventional but it worked for my song.
  24. 24. Advert
  25. 25. For my advert I chose to a double page spread for my advert. I also included a image of my digipak so my audience know what to look for after seeing my advert in a magazine. I chose to do a double page spread as I think it allowed me to have a lot more room to space all my writing and images. When creating my advert I did chose to use the same photo for my digipak as well as my advert because I looked at the You Me At Six advert which has used their image for their advert. I think this was effective as if someone saw the advert they would know what they were looking for as they have seen the front cover of the digipak. What I took from the You Me At Six advert was the ‘New Album Out 12 th JuneCD/Downlaod’ I chose to copy this as it was adverting the digital copy of the song as well as the hard album copy which you could buy in stores but also it was a way of showing the date it was out without it looking out of place. From the Ellie Goulding advert I took the star rating as I think that having a big company reviewing a album giving it 5 stars wouldmake people want to buy my album as it has good reviews. I have also put the same writing which was on the back of my album digipak as it promotes the cd, band and merch.