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  1. 1. DEFEATER - I DON’T MINDEXT. SAT ON A BENCH – DAYIt’s AUTUMN the leaves are changing colour and falling. Thesinger/guitarist is seen sat on a bench playing guitar.EXT. SAT ON LOOKING THE RIVER – DAY TROY (MID SHOT) Let’s talk about the old days. Let’s talk about your friends.EXT. SAT BY A TREE – DAYSinger is sat on the trees roots playing guitar. Leaves are fallingaround. TROY (MID SHOT) Let’s talk about the summer and how you wish it wouldn’t endEXT. GRASS – DAYSunlight hitting the ends of the grass seeing in CLOSE UP going noin focus going into focus. NON DIEGETIC sounds of the guitar playingin the song.EXT. GIRL STOOD ON BOARDWALK – DAYGirl is stood by the river on the boardwalk turning around SMILINGat the camera. Seen in slow motion. TAMARA (LONG SHOT) Did I forget to tell you how pretty you looked in that dress?EXT. BOY STOOD BY BOARDWALK – DAYBoy is stood on looking the girl who is looking at the river on theboardwalk smiling. TROY (CLOSE UP) And the first time that I saw you cleaned the mess from my headEXT. SAT BY A TREE – DAYSinger is sat on the tree roots playing guitar TROY (MID SHOT) And I don’t mind, if we take our time cos I’m all yours if you’re all mineEXT. WALKING ON A BOARDWALK – DAYThe girls and boys feet are seen walking on the boardwalk
  2. 2. TROY AND TAMARA (CLOSE UP OF FEET WALKING) Let’s talk go walking on the boardwalk TROY AND TAMARA (LONG SHOT) Dip our feet into the seaINT. CLOCK – DAYClocking moving in fast motion Let’s find ourselves lost for hoursINT. SAT IN A CAFÉ DRINKING HOT CHOCOLATE – DAYGirl and boy sat in a café holding hands and drinking hot chocolate. TROY (CLOSE UP) Until we find ourselves a drinkGirl talking into the camera TAMARA (CLOSE UP) Let’s talk that sun in the setting TAMARA (EXTREME CLOSE UP) Just need the sound of your voiceEXT. STOOD ON A PATH – DAY TROY (MID CLOSE UP) I need that calming in the comfortEXT. CARS MOVING – DAYCars moving in slow motion made to look like slow shutter speed TROY (LONG SHOT) Something to drown out the noiseEXT. GIRL AND BOY SAT ON BENCH – DAYGirl and boy are sat on the bench while the boy serenades her withthe guitar and singing TROY AND TAMARA (LONG SHOT) And I don’t mind if we take our time TAMARA (MID SHOT) Cos I’m all yours if you’re all mineEXT. BOY STOOD ON A PATH – DAYBoy looking into the camera singing TROY (MEDIUM CLOSE UP SHOT GOING OUT TO MID SHOT)Something I’ve been meaning to tell you about three years and a day
  3. 3. EXT. CHURCH – DAYLooking up at a church from going out of focus to going into focus TROY (MID SHOT) I’d very much like to get marriedEXT. BENCH – DAYBoy sat on bench with guitar singing TROY (LONG SHOT) Maybe have kids and move away EXT. GIRL ON BENCH – DAYGirl sat on bench looking up at the camera TAMARA (MEDIUM CLOSE UP) Cos there aint nothing like your smileGirl looks up to camera smiling and blinking TAMARA (EXTREME CLOSE UP OF EYES) Your legs and those eyes TROY AND TAMARA (CLOSE UP) And I will beg and steal and borrowBoy has arms around girl’s waist TROY AND TAMARA (MID SHOT) To keep you safe your whole life