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Music Magazines


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Music Magazines

  1. 1. MUSIC MAGAZINES Charlotte Chambers
  2. 2. Music magazines are everywhere. With a growing database for the amount of magazines published it comes to question what is the fate of magazines in society?
  3. 3. Magazines started initially as Newspapers.
  4. 4. Newspapers started initially as information based.
  5. 5. Newspapers started to incorporate things to grab a readers attention, be that through politics and statistics or journals and reviews.
  6. 6. Popular magazines are made up primarily of
  7. 7. GOSSIP
  8. 8. and
  10. 10. I think personally that if magazines (particularly mainstream ones) keep on producing what they are now, then they are going to be full of nothing but personal opinions.
  11. 11. Jason Dojc said “Magazines are curators of content of a particular taste and point of view” and I agree completely.
  12. 12. With music magazines everything they contain is based upon what an individual thinks and whether others either do or don’t support them.
  13. 13. Both of these bands have websites BUT
  14. 14. The articles that they publish in magazines can be found within seconds on the internet
  15. 15. Technology is eradicating the need for books, magazines and anything like that.
  17. 17. People are more likely to peruse media on the internet and other media platforms rather than magazines etc’ and this is cancelling out the need for people to actually go and buy a magazine about the subject.
  18. 18. In some cases I think that they do have a chance to hold a productive future as a magazine and an internet product, because some people like to actually have a ‘solid’ copy and read.
  20. 20. However for this to work and keep both in business I think that there needs to be limits on what is published online for free public viewing because if everything is online then there will actually be no need for magazines at all.
  21. 21. People want to get the information they want as quickly as possible
  22. 22. The internet provides that.
  23. 23. They don’t really have much more of a future unless they start making the items available in a magazine, not available on the internet.
  24. 24. People now are more likely to look something up on their phones and on computers using the internet, rather than searching and trying to find the correct magazines or book that holds the information they’re looking for.
  25. 25. It’s a fact that people are set in their ways of buying the magazine that they like and read, but that can easily ‘die’ out with the younger generations being used to just finding everything that they want online.
  26. 26. People like that a magazine can be seen to have reliable information, but just as the information that is solid in newspapers has declined over the years, so is what’s written in Magazines. The fact that they can be found online is one thing, but people can also compare with the views that other people have as well online still without having to pay any money.
  27. 27. IPC have over 60 wholesalers (companies selling goods in large quantities) and it’s them who distribute magazines to cover the 55,000 places that sell magazines in the United Kingdom. Because the wholesalers that they use are always open, every day, every week, every month, of every year they are the quickest way of getting magazines to where they need to be.
  28. 28. This clearly presents the fact that people enjoy advertising when reading magazines as apposed to when they’re online.
  29. 29. This means that magazines are the ideal place to advertise a product whether to mainstreamers, aspirers or any other particular audience.
  30. 30. Adverts can target a specific audience wen being published in a magazines whereas online they can’t always get their adverts to the people that they want. Magazines are specific and it’s been proved that people somewhat enjoy the adverts they read in their magazines: because they’re targeted specifically and it’s what the consumer wants.
  31. 31. If people can’t advertise in magazines then they will have significant trouble in being able to easily advertise to their target audience.
  32. 32. People trust advertising in magazines.
  33. 33. Advertising has no ‘safe’ future without magazines because it’s the place people think that they actually belong.
  34. 34. Advertising relies on the magazine industry to not only make sure that their target market receive their advertisements, but also to ensure to ensure that they are ‘enjoyed’ by their target market.