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Find your tribe


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Find your tribe

  3. 3. REFLECTION When filling out Find Your Tribe the result I got was ‘mosher’. Mosher is named after mosh pit and shows the love for music. This stereotype of mosher would suggest my target audiences interest such as going to gigswould be one of them. Festivals were popular amongst this crowd of people. Festivals such as Download, Sonisphere and Hevy fest were all popular. Allthese festivals are hosts to different genres and sub genres. This is somethingwhich I think I need to address in my own magazine rather than make it genre specific to one genre eg Rock. I have an interest in this type of music so my interest in music choices will be reflected in my magazine. Magazines like Kerrang are known to write a mix of different genres of music but theyalways focus on writing about heavy music. Clothing is also something whichis important to this scene so I think having a clothing section in my magazinewill help greatly when appealing to my target audience. Within my magazine I want to include a section for up coming gigs, clothing and festival reviews as this is what I have found from Find Your Tribe that my audience would be most interested in reading about.