Brainstorming name ideas


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Brainstorming name ideas

  2. 2. HOW I WILL GO ABOUT THINKING OF NAMESWhen thinking of names for my music magazine I decided to go down the route of thinking of names which have connotations of my chosen genre. The music genre I have chosen is the Post hardcore/Alternative music genre so which to me has connotations of edgy and rebellious. When looking for names for my music magazine I have used a thesaurus and I have alsolooked through my iPod for songs which have that connotation.
  3. 3. NAMES I CAME UP WITH • Anthem • Beat • Loud! • Rhythm • Ellipses • Illusions • Let Go • Listen • Live today • Instrumental • Monumental • Obsession • Paradox • Untitled • Enjoy!
  4. 4. CHOSEN NAMEFor my chosen name I have chosen to pick ‘LOUD!’ I have chosen to do thisbecause I think it has a musical feel to it as people tend to assume alternative music tends to be loud and noisy which is why I have chosen to do ‘Loud!’. From my research into other brands of which Kerrang! stood out to me themost. I believe it stood out to me the most because of the explanation mark which I believe is why it stood out, out of all the titles I looked at. The explanation mark makes me think that the word is being shouted at like it’s something important which is what I want my magazine to feel like to the readers, that it is something which they will want to shout about and tell everyone.
  5. 5. COLOUR SCHEME For my colour scheme I wanted a colour which would appeal to my audiences which is male and females between the ages of 16-18 as from my questionnaire that was the most popular age. For my colours I have chosen to do a teal and a white together as I believe that these colours are colours which appeal to both male and females.
  6. 6. FONTS When choosing my font for my magazine I looked at both the fonts on Photoshop and thefonts on a popular font website called Dafont. To create my fonts on Dafont I print screened thefont and edited the colours and background using Illustrator and Photoshop.
  7. 7. PHOTOSHOP These are my chosen fonts I found from Dafont. When looking for my font I chose to look at a vase amount of fonts from fancy writing to block writing. When looking at these fonts the best one I think is the second left one which has an eroded/grunge look to it which I think would fit into my music genre because of the edgy connotation that this genre of music has.
  8. 8. PHOTOSHOP FONTS These are my chosen fonts I found from Photoshop. The fonts I found on Photoshop were a lot more similar than the ones of Dafont which had a lot more to chose from and were very different. These fonts were more bold and out there in comparison to the ones of Dafont.
  9. 9. CHOSEN FONT This is my chosen font for my magazine. For my font I have chosen to pick one off of Dafont. I think this font shows the grunge/edgy look which would fit for my magazine and themusic genre for my magazine. I like the fast speed look it has to itas well as if the font has been captured quickly. I think the colour works for the audience because it’s a colour which is for both genders.