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  1. 1. Activity Is the location suitable for Additional comments production?Look around the location The photography studio is an appropriate place to take images for main shoot. available for the chosen date to take images for my main shootAsk permission to use I need to ask permission to Asked Joe Ardy a photographyphotography studio use the photography studio. teacher who works at the college for permission to use the studio.Sort out equipment to be I will be using studio lighting, The lights and tripod areused my Nikon D3100 dslr camera already in the studio so all I and a tripod so I can achieve will be bringing is the dslr steady professional shots for my main imagesCheck out the health and The studio lights have a lot of I will make sure all the wiressafety issues about using the wires so there could be a are all tidy and neatphotography studio danger of falling over the wiresLighting I am going to be using a studio I can change the lighting lighting so everything is well brightness litLook for interesting shots to I have to choose a large I will be experimenting withuse in my main shoots variety of shots so I can chose different shots which shots work best for my magazineCheck the electricity supply There is an electricity supply The electricity will be used for in in photography studio the studio lightsDo a test sound to check if I will not be disturbed in the There is a lock on the doorthere will be any potential photography studio because Inoise problems have booked the room out for a certain period of timeConfirm times and dates with I have contacted my models I used Facebook and mymy models mobile phone to contact themArrange parking access I don’t need to organise this as my models have lessons near the photography studio and will be walking to the studioMake sure everybody knows I have organised via text I did this because it wouldtheir roles in the photo-shoot message what I want them to take less time if I knew what I do in the photo-shoot was doing for my photo-shoot as I only have a certain period of time booked for the photography studio.