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Southeast San Francisco New Caltrain Stations

  1. Planning New Caltrain Stations for Southeast San Francisco Friends of Caltrain Streets for People San Francisco Transit Riders Monday, 11/8, 6pm 1
  2. Study Corridor MAP LEGEND 2 Project intro video and Round 1 and 2 meeting recordings in English, Spanish, and Cantonese:
  3. Distance between Stations MAP LEGEND 3
  4. Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Zone LEGEND The Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Zone is 108 inches above today’s high tide (mean higher high water, or MHHW). This includes 66 inches of SLR plus 42 inches of tidal and storm surge, an upper-range scenario for end of century. 4
  5. Transit Facilities MAP LEGEND Adjacent Transit Connections Mariposa Street Zone: • 55 Dogpatch (rerouted) • 22 Fillmore (rerouted) • 10 Townsend • T-Third 22nd Street Zone: • 55 Dogpatch (rerouted) • T-Third Cesar Chavez Street Zone: • 10 Townsend • 48 Quintara (rerouted) Evans Avenue Zone: • 19 Polk Oakdale Avenue Zone: • 23 Monterey • 24 Divisadero • 44 O'Shaughnessy • 54 Felton • T-Third Williams Avenue Zone: • 54 Felton • T-Third 5
  6. Mobility Barriers MAP LEGEND 6
  7. Environmental Justice (EJ) Communities LEGEND This is a draft version of the EJ Communities map that was released in December 2020. The San Francisco Planning Department is still in the process of gathering feedback from the general public and from other agencies. Because of this, the EJ Communities map may be revised during the fall or winter of 2021. CalEPA recently issued a draft of CalEnviroScreen 4.0 (which is the most heavily weighted data source in the EJ Communities Map), so it’s likely that the EJ Communities map will be updated once CES 4.0 is finalized. For more information please visit: general-plan-policies Area with high pollution burden (not included in OEHHA CalEnviroScreen 3.0 due to missing data/low population)
  8. Developed Land Use (sqft) LEGEND 1,685,940 4,037,820 MARIPOSA STREET ZONE 5,040,816 2,045,848 22nd STREET ZONE 2,378,480 2,359,904 4,629,370 CESAR CHAVEZ ZONE 1,799,326 3,469,024 2,772,946 OAKDALE AVENUE ZONE 480,758 5,120,874 3,292,308 WILLIAMS AVENUE ZONE 2,454,688 4 2,559,427 2,559,427 EVANS AVENUE ZONE 8
  9. Pipeline Projects LEGEND 9 Housing Units in residential projects Housing Units in residential-commercial projects Square footage in commercial projects 1-10 units 11-25 26-100 101-1000 1,001-9,120 130 – 15,000 square feet 15,000 – 50,000 50,000 – 200,000 200,000 – 500,000 500,000 – 1,200,000 1-10 units 11-25 26-100 101-1000 1,001-9,120
  10. Station Groupings Potrero/Dogpatch Stations - Mariposa - 22nd Street - Cesar Chavez Bayview Stations - Evans - Oakdale - Williams 10
  11. Dogpatch/Potrero Options MAP LEGEND 11
  12. Pennsylvania Avenue Tunnel (PAX) • Multiple alternatives for PAX being studied, with range of options for stations • Alternative Shown: Medium-Length Alignment 12
  13. Dogpatch/Potrero Options MAP LEGEND 13 Pros Cons Mariposa -station spacing with Bayview options -serves existing 22nd Street riders as well as Mission Bay, waterfront developments, Chase Center -16th Street transit connections -complex squeeze between freeway columns, residential neighborhoods, and Potrero Hill -potential property impacts -deep, very expensive station 22nd Street -familiarity, serves existing 22nd street riders and waterfront developments -Rebuilt option is less expensive -potential property impacts -Underpass is unpleasant -Tunnel option is expensive Cesar Chavez -lower cost surface option -serves some of the current 22nd Street riders -difficult to access -industrial surroundings -does not serve all existing 22nd Street riders -sea level rise concerns -complex squeeze between freeway columns and Islais Creek -close to Bayview options
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  20. Bayview Options MAP LEGEND 20
  21. Bayview Options MAP LEGEND 21 Pros Cons Evans -lower cost surface option -limited disruption to Caltrain operations -10-minute walk to relocated Southeast Community Center -difficult to access -industrial surroundings -Does not serve existing 22nd Street riders well -sea level rise concerns -complex squeeze between I-280 columns and Islais Creek Oakdale -central to Bayview neighborhood -good opportunities to connect to transit -freight right-of-way -complex geotechnical setting -requires long ramps or elevators Williams -central to Bayview neighborhood -Proximity to Third Street corridor -good opportunities to connect to transit -freight right-of-way -requires long ramps or elevators
  22. Evans Option MAP LEGEND 22
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