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mHealth: Disruption at our Doorstep


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Breif Overview of trends in healthcare driven by mobile technolgies

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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mHealth: Disruption at our Doorstep

  1. 1. mHealth:Disruption at our Doorstep Andy Levien – CEO & co-founder Ubi Diagnostics
  2. 2. Our choice:Victim or growth leader? …..leading practitioners of the old order become the victims of disruption, not the initiators of it. But …leaders of existing systems can take the lead in disruption themselves……it always proves to be an extraordinary growth opportunity.** The Innovators Prescription; Clayton Christensen, 2009
  3. 3. Market headlines• Aging of population – Global population over 60 to double in percentage by 2050 to 22% and nearly triple in absolute terms – US population over 60 to double from 62M to 124M by 2050• In the US, treatment of chronic diseases, notably CHF/CHD, COPD, and diabetes account for nearly 75% of annual health spending or nearly $1.7trillion• FDA just releases long awaited mobile health guidelines for comment July 19th• Move to outpatient setting, homecare and personalized medicine as means to improve outcomes and reduce cost Proprietary Information
  4. 4. Market trends driving mHealthSource: Business Insights Feb 2011 Proprietary Information
  5. 5. New care models
  6. 6. New customers & payment models New self pay market? •Phone apps •mHealth •Telemedicine •Connect to EHR/PHR systems •Connections to the old order?IBM Global Business Services report, March 2011 “The future of connected health devices – Liberating the Information Seeker” Transfer of payment X risk to provider •Accountable care and wellness organizations •Healthways new entrant •Some in the old order may migrate? “MOBILE HEALTH, Who Pays?” by ATKearney for GSMA, Feb 2011 6
  7. 7. Finding opportunities - seeking leaders • New payment systems and care models will be the economic vehicle to drive innovation • Integrated data systems (EMR,EHR, PHR) become repository for much richer data sets from connected diagnostic and therapeutic systems, cradle to grave • Connected network of devices from hospital to clinic to office to home – mHealth will be huge driver, sorting out regulatory requirement will be a challenge – Massive innovation in devices to fill the gap between hospital/clinic and home – New entrants will be naïve to medical device market – The leaders of the old order will drive consolidation 7
  8. 8. Questions to audience• Which of the old guard will drive device disruption or not? • Med Device leaders • Diagnostics Imaging:GE, Seimens, Phillips • Fluid diagnostics • Therapeutic • Pharma • Emerging vs developed markets • Consider that emerging economies do not have the fixed infrastructure of the developed world, yet massive increase in demand for cost effective healthcare• Who are possible new leaders or partnerships (or consolidations) • Telecoms and cable providers (i.e. Verizon Health VC fund, Comcast?) • EHR/EMR providers • Microsoft and/or will Google come back • Big pharma and diagnostics companies • Others?