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Event Buoy - Mobile App for Events, Conference and Networking


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EventBuoy is a lifesaver when it comes to managing your event, conference, or networking event. Give power to your attendees, get a wider reach and manage your event better. Event Management Mobile Application available for Android and iOS.

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Event Buoy - Mobile App for Events, Conference and Networking

  1. 1. An Event. A Sea of Activity. How about an App that can help you sail through the chaos? Smoothly. Black Bean Engagement brings to you, EventBuoy The Event and Conference App. Available for
  2. 2. So, how will this app help and what are the features? • An interactive venue map. • A personalized scheduler. • Exhibitor listings. • Easy social sharing. • Increased visibility for sponsors. • Customizable. • Push notifications. • Ad free. • Free maintenance. • Facebook Check In.
  3. 3. Let your event rock Everything you need - and want - in a mobile event app. From Attendees to the Management team , you can please them all.
  4. 4. Go green, with a paperless event guide Up-to-date event schedules. Speaker profiles and presentations.
  5. 5. Personalized Profiles Attendees set their own preferences and interests. View other profiles to find other like-minded attendees.
  6. 6. Highly Customizable Load external links to PDFs, Powerpoints, images, videos, etc. Add exhibitor guides, floor maps, agendas and more. Make changes on-the-fly to keep your attendees deeply engaged.
  7. 7. Compatible with social media and other platforms Connect your primary and event-specific social platforms includingTwitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.
  8. 8. Get up close and personal Interact and connect with attendees like never before. *The App Shown in the above Brochure has been designed and developed by Blackbean Engagement for a gaming event.
  9. 9. Want some Black Bean sauce for your brand? Alet +91 97640 01729 Deepti +91 9923211122 We are based out of the city of Pune. BLACK BEAN E N G A G E M E N T THANKYOU