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Growth hacking Subastadeocio



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Growth hacking Subastadeocio

  2. 2. Functionalities, tactics, ideas, strategies and crazy thoughts, presented and implemented for SubastadeOcio, after its launch in 2013. These ideas were presented back in summer 2013, some might be obvious now, but back then they were new.
  4. 4. Link building with relevant blogs Comments on related news, blogs (i.e.: Toon’s comment on El País article). Participate in third parties forums. Research competition keywords, linkbuilding, etc (see: SEM Rush, Open Site Explorer, WooRank, Majestic SEO) SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) OFF-SITE STRATEGY
  5. 5. Create more related content on blog to improve organic results based on keywords *Trial of to better analyze keywords and obtain better results Create more internal links) Or look at VV for example the Restaurants category has (Asian, bbq grill, french, greek, etc… as subcategories) Product reviews. If we were to do this, they should be first approved before they are displayed. SEO STRATEGY ON-SITE Forum “Ideal for…” (be able to update or modify through backoffice, appearing as text, ideally with an h3 or h2 tag). Rich Snippets ( Work) *Apps *Rich Snippet “social” *News (for blog) *Opinions (for web) Content creation strategy (videos, slideshare, etc)
  6. 6. Create better backlinks and have them actually be important, relevant content thus they won’t be deleted or seen as advertising. SEO LINK-BUILDING STRATEGY
  7. 7. 1. TRIPADVISOR | YELP | GOOGLE + REVIEWS Create a SubastadeOcio profile on TripAdvisor and search for user’s reviews from our offers. Answer those reviews, with important keywords and links.
  8. 8. For example: “La Trattoria del Mare es uno de los restaurantes en Barcelona más populares en SubastadeOcio, por eso aprovechamos para ir todos a comprobar por qué. Nos encantaron sus pizzas, y la consideramos una de las mejores pizzas de Barcelona, el trato fue amigable y nos los pasamos genial. Aprovechamos para compartir una foto de esa noche allí. Definitivamente recomendamos Trattoria del Mare ¡aprovecha nuestra subasta de Trattoria del Mare (enlace a subasta). ● Create tips and comments based either our experience or our users’ experience. On the profile for Trattoria del Mare we can use the image we have when we went there to write our own review. ● Write one or two reviews / tips a week. ● Using our Google+ profile, make “reviews” of our providers on Google+. TRIPADVISOR | YELP | GOOGLE + REVIEWS
  9. 9. FOURSQUARE Leave reviews from our own users with and our own experience on our provider’s FourSquare websites with a SubastadeOcio profile. “try the pizza diavola is to die for.” “near plaza españa why don’t you try a gin tonic at B-Hotel?”, “welcome to Barcelona, get the best restaurants at and pay only what you want.” Hacer uno o dos reviews/tips a la semana. REVIEWS TIPS FREQUENCY
  10. 10. Write down contacts of bloggers with high influence and / or traffic. Influencers Max 5 new comments every day. Frequency Search blogs discussing the following themes: : families, travel, e-commerce, start-ups, technologies, sports, apps, tourism, gastronomy, mothers, families, etc. Themes Leave comments both as John Doe and SubastadeOcio linking back to individual auctions. Make sure to switch accounts in order to avoid spam/overuse, always look for new blogs and their most recent posts. Mix it up a little, comment today as SubastadeOcio, wait 2 weeks before replaying as John Do saying how much you loved it. For the next post, switch up. “John Doe” BLOGS (EXTERNAL)
  12. 12. WHAT IS GAMIFICATION? Gamification is bringing game-like elements or mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users, making it more fun and engaging for them. Brings gaming-like elements or mechanics intro a non-game context
  13. 13. GAMIFICATION: BENEFITS Am up competition COMPETITORS User Retention USER RETENTION Deeper levels of user engagement USER Going all deep. VIRALITY Creates fun experiences with the brand EXPERIENCES User Generated Content creation CONTENT
  14. 14. How can gamification be implemented on SubastadeOcio? We can do it using four different tactics: 1. Encouraging forum participation 2. Badges 3. Levels (level up) 4. Rewards by action 87%
  15. 15. Frequently asked questions Incidents Technical support Upgrades Complaints Ayuda / Incidencias Region (Andalucía, Valencia, Cataluña, Madrid, País Vasco, Zaragoza, etc…) Category(tickets, courses, hotels, beauty & spa, restaurants, adventure) Subastas Favorite Auctions Suggestions for Improvements Suppliers Suggestion Feedback Recomendaciones & Sugerencias FORUM
  16. 16. if we add a review tab to the websit “Top Commenter” users who win often “Top winner gone to 5 different hotels in 5 different regions Smart Traveler has tried 5 different restaurants Restaurant Lover users who bid more than “x” times on a certain period “Top bidder” BADGES
  17. 17. Subastero Newbie LEVELS FOR USERS Silver Gold #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Platinum
  18. 18. win and pay all of your subastas 10 for 10: subastas have a reward (coupon, free subasta) Win “x” 1€ gift if your review is the most voted by the community Top Reviewer Get 0.50€ for every friend you invite who subscribes Refer a friend REWARDS
  20. 20. SOCIAL LOGIN For new users it will be easier and faster to register through Facebook, reducing the threshold of users that we lose by not wanting to fill in so much data. By being connected to Facebook, users will be able to share their SubastadeOcio activity on their Facebook accounts, making SUDO a more social space, increasing SUDO's brand presence on social networks and attracting new users to our website. All new users must create their account using Facebook and all new users should be encouraged to connect thru Facebook
  21. 21. HOW TO DO IT? Include “Sign-up with Facebook” on the Sign-up page
  22. 22. WHAT ABOUT USERS WHO DIDN’T USE FACEBOOK TO REGISTER? ● When you log in to SubastadeOcioyou should receive a pop-up inviting you to open your Facebook account. ● This message should give you the option to: ○ Connect your account immediately to Facebook ○ "Remind me me on my next visit" ○ I don't want to see this message again ● For users who select points 2b and 2c, they should see a message in the pop up that says: ○ "Remember that you can connect your account with Facebook from the" My Account. "
  23. 23. SOCIAL SHARING When a user has their account connected with Facebook, we want them to share their activity in the Facebook Newsfeed. We don't want to burden people on Facebook, so it would be shared only 1 time per instance.
  24. 24. BID SHARING Before an user places his first bid, he should confirm. A pop-in window would display the following message: “Your bid is confirmed! Do you want to share it on Facebook? We will not show the amount of your bid. YES | NO . (Keep in mind, Yes is a button, No is a link) The message to be displayed on Facebook would be: Alejandro has just named his price for a hotel in Barcelona. FORMULA. [User Name] + [just named the price for a] + [Category] + in + [Province] at SubastadeOcio
  25. 25. WINNING BID When an auction ends, the winner can share their winning bid either from the product page or “My Products.” . If users select the options of: Share on Facebook & Don’t ask before sharing. Then the winning bid is shared automatically Alejandro ¡ha ganado por 3 €! 2 noches de hotel en Barcelona con desayuno incluido ¡Felicidades! FORMULA. [Name], ¡ha ganado por [Price sin 5€] + [Product Title] + Felicidades campeón Sharing the price is ACTIVE by default, but you have to give the option to make it optional. See below for more details in the Facebook Tab. If they don't want to show the price then the message is: “Alejandro ha ganado dos noches de hotel en en Barcelona con desayuno incluido ¡Felicidades! FORMULA. [Name] ¡ha ganado [Product Title] + Felicidades [Gender]
  26. 26. FACEBOOK TAB Option to link or unlink their Facebook account. The "Unlink" is a link. It only appears when connecting the account with Facebook. If the account is activated, the button to connect must be deactivated. It would include three sections: On “My Account” page, registered users can find a Facebook “tab” which allows them to:
  27. 27. FACEBOOK TAB
  28. 28. Include winning bid amount (checkbox) BID AMOUNTS Ask me before I share my bids (radio button, only one can be selected) Share my bids automatically (radio button, only one can be selected) * Only one bid per auction will be shared. SHARING BIDS Ask me before sharing my Won Auctions (radio button, only one can be selected) Share my Auctions Won automatically (radio button, only one can be selected) WINNING BIDS
  29. 29. REFER A FRIEND How it should appear: After clicking on invite, the following box appears where users can invite their Facebook friends to the Leisure Auction. If the user has connected in a traditional way and not via Facebook, they should receive the pop-up by connecting their account to Facebook. The third section encourages users to invite their friends on Facebook to join SubastadeOcio