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Game Intelligence


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Published in: Science
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Game Intelligence

  1. 1. GAME INTELLIGENCE Alexandre Tolstenko
  2. 2. About Me! Unicamp - Computer Engineer (Gamux, Microsoft); Mobjoy - Road Warrior; SENAC - Game Specialist; UFPI - MSc in Games Statistics; LABIRAS - Game Researcher; Next??
  3. 3. Why? Art + Science, not Art vs. Science; Art: Generate the idea and implement; Science: Find out it’s good/fun. Listen to players;
  4. 4. Schedule Telemetry; Events; Metrics; Play-Personas; A/B Testing; Case Study: Dota 2 ESOM
  5. 5. READY!?
  6. 6. Telemetry Collection of data over a distance; The collection, analysis and reporting of user-behavior telemetry is the foundation for current analytics in game development; There is some confusion about the term, however, so we wanted to provide a bit of information about what telemetry is and its properties;
  7. 7. Why telemetry? So… We need record and watch gamers playing? Intrusive vs Transparent
  8. 8. Why telemetry? What data should we collect? Where and when? Testing!!
  9. 9. User Initiated Events Shoot and forget events; Reliables events; Stored locally events;
  10. 10. Metrics Raw data somehow organized; Statistics: average, median etc;
  11. 11. Play-Personas Forza’s Drivatar! us/projects/drivatar/
  12. 12. Play-Personas WoW’s Gear Score
  13. 13. Split Test
  14. 14. All Together Data capture and storage (raw data) Data organizing (clustering and metrics); Knowloge emergence(metrics analysis); Competence (provoke changes in game data and whatch what changes);
  15. 15. Architecture
  16. 16. Dota 2
  17. 17. Why? 2014: U$10M
  18. 18. ESOM killsDeath assistsDeaths deathsPercent denies gold_per_min heroDamage hero_healing tower_damage leaver
  19. 19. ESOM
  20. 20. Map Evolution
  21. 21. References
  22. 22. Thanks! Alexandre Tolstenko