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Stylenda is a self provisioning platform for Italian DIYers.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Self Provisioning E-commerce Platform lovely made in italy
  2. 2. Self Provisioning E-commerce Platform ! make online storefronts easily accessible and creatable by Italian Products Open your e-commerce Sell in the world Artisans, SMEs, Designers, Stylists, Artists! ! 100% Made in Italy E-Commerce Platform
  3. 3. lovely made in italy How it works 1) Choose your theme 2) Insert your data 3) Insert your products from the web or mobile Approvation by Stylenda Your E-commerce is READY
  4. 4. Add-ons FREEMIUM MODEL Service Business model
  5. 5. PayPal Integration! FREE Google Analytics! FREE Feedback ! FREE Social Share ! FREE Redirect domain! 1 Eu/month Coupon/Gift card! 5 Eu/month UpSelling! 5 Eu/month Live Chat! 5 Eu/month Contact form! 5 Eu/month Custom invoices! 5 Eu/month Back in stock! 5 Eu/month Newsletter! 5 Eu/month Add-ons
  6. 6. Google AdWords Packet - 3 bids: 200 Eu - 20% fee 500 Eu - 15% fee 1000 Eu - 10% fee Facebook Advertising - 3 bids: 200 Eu - 20% fee 500 Eu - 15% fee 1000 Eu - 10% fee Photo shooting! Translations! Telephone support! Logos proposals! Custom layout! Web marketing ! Services
  7. 7. Made in italy perception in the world most representative sector: Fashion and accessories 100% Food and wine 90% Furniture and design 70% survey kpmg 2011 Our customers are artisans, SMEs, designers, stylists, artists 100% Made in Italy: let’s bring them online! We predict a target market of more less 1,5 million customers. Business opportunities A niche worth of value
  8. 8. Marketplace Self Provisioning E-commerce Competitors Our main competitors come from abroad ( e-bay, shopify, volusion, tictail, weebly … ). What about italy? Italian makers mainly use e-bay, shopify, pagine gialle and digital agencies. Stylenda is a platform made by italians for italians.
  9. 9. After the launch of in March 2014, we got many requests from Italian craftsmen and stylists to assist them to sell online. They just need a beautiful, cheap and user-friendly way to promote their unique products. ! ! Stylenda is the answer:! - Self Provisioning E-commerce Platform and marketplace of made in italy. - Low cost - No market barriers - Support and law + customs integrations (choose your markets) - Great visibility in the showcase Value proposition
  10. 10. Road Map December 2013 March 2014 April/May 2014 October 2014 January 2015 Stylenda srl is born Launch of as menswear e-shop Report on Rai Television - Stand at Smau Fair and Origin Fair - Silicon Valley Networking Beta self provisioning e-commerce platform Go to market with sponsorship of Confartigianato ( 700k members )
  11. 11. lovely made in italy Marco Martini H-Farm Matteo Bardi Renato Cason Elisa SciasciaAlessio Patron Marco Nardin CEO FRONT-END DEVELOPER SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER STYLIST INCUBATOR BACK-END DEVELOPER PRESIDENT CONFARTIGIANATO Stylenda Srl Treviso (Italy)