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How Apple Passbook Ushers in the Third Mobile Marketing Wave


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Urban airship passbook_webinar by Mobile Marketing Association

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How Apple Passbook Ushers in the Third Mobile Marketing Wave

  1. 1. Mobile Marketers’ Dream in 2013: How ApplePassbook Ushers in the Third Mobile Marketing Wave January 24, 2013 MMA Webinar Series
  2. 2. Overview Passbook is the new mobile marketing imperative: how to leverage it todrive sales, boost loyalty, and increase customer engagement. Passbook adoption will skyrocket in 2013, as Marketers close the bookson this Holiday season and gear up for the year ahead. Apple Passbookoffers companies a groundbreaking opportunity to engage mobileconsumers with coupons, tickets, loyalty cards, membership passes andmore -- that are both dynamic and highly relevant (time- and location-aware). Marketers can deliver offers with ease and speed, centralized ontheir customers’ mobile devices, letting them more effectively close theloop from acquisition and engagement, to conversion.
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda •  The essential new role of Passbook in the mobile marketing mix •  How passes can bolster your existing app strategy -- or offer you a conduit to your customers phones for the first time •  How passes work as powerful "lightweight" apps, that can be updated in real-time •  How to easily execute Passbook campaigns without writing code or being a developer
  4. 4. Today’s Speakers Brent Hieggelke Chief Marketing Officer Urban Airship @bhieggelke Moderator   Michael Becker Managing Director, North America Mobile Marketing Association @mobiledirect Joe Beninato GM, Digital Wallet Urban Airship
  5. 5. QA Don’t forget to Tweet about this session using hashtag: #MMAWeb #UrbanAirship
  6. 6. Mobile Marketers Dream in 2013: How Apple Passbook Ushers in the Third Mobile Marketing Wave January 24, 2013
  7. 7. Passbook  is  ushering  in  the  third  mobile  marke3ng  investment  wave:     Passes  and  Digital  Wallets.    
  8. 8. Major mobile marketing investment waves1. Advertising 2. Apps 3. Passes
  9. 9. Advertising apps now $19 billion +
  10. 10. …all mobile devices are linked by a common factor:real estate is scarce. Display advertising on mobile screens is proportionately more intrusive, annoying and unwelcome. - Rebecca Lieb Altimeter Group
  11. 11. But advertising isn t mobile s end-game Mobile success hinges on staying close to the consumer. And that requires an invitation-based approach vs. an interruption-driven approach. -  Apps are invitations -  Passes are invitations
  12. 12. One billion app users, on the way to 2B
  13. 13. Consumers spend mobile time in apps average time spent using apps average number downloaded per device
  14. 14. App downloads growing from 45B to 310B 350000   300000   250000   200000   We are here 150000   100000   50000   0   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016  
  15. 15. Now app usage even challenging TV!
  16. 16. So  why  is  Passbook  such  a  big  deal?  
  17. 17. The first step towards a mobile wallet Boarding Passes Tickets Store Cards Coupons
  18. 18. Replacing the need for paper-based items Boarding Passes Tickets Store Cards Coupons
  19. 19. Organizing digital passes in one place Boarding Passes Tickets Store Cards Coupons
  20. 20. The 3rd wave has started… 12% tickets 375k loyalty in first 2 weeks program members 20k passes 70% of viewers per day added to Passbook
  21. 21. So why is Urban Airship discussing this?
  22. 22. Passes open up mobile marketing for all
  23. 23. Passes are a more efficient direct channel
  24. 24. Passes are like lightweight apps
  25. 25. Passes complement apps
  26. 26. Impacts of Passbook on your business•  Create a mobile connection with your customers•  Augment your other channels for cross-promotion•  Remove the pain of traditional inefficient processes
  27. 27. The paper coupon is the single most inefficient marketing tool you could imagine… - Peter Sealey, former CMO, Coca-Cola Company
  28. 28. Drive awareness and trial
  29. 29. Driving customer loyalty
  30. 30. Deliver better customer service
  31. 31. Passes are location-aware
  32. 32. Passes are easy to deliver Send using common communication channels:
  33. 33. Passes can be updated Easily update offer details: •  Offer terms •  Expiration date •  SKU number •  Redemption rules •  Product images •  Color palette •  more…
  34. 34. How  are  passes  created?  
  35. 35. A typical pass project •  Marketing specs what is needed •  Designer makes it look great •  Engineer codes it IMAGE (photo) •  Marketing deploys it •  Marketing analyzes data for campaign
  36. 36. You can hand code a pass…{passTypeIdentifier:pass.passtools.000045,organizationName:OceanicAirlines,backgroundColor:rgb(59,108,199),labelColor:#284B98,serialNumber:99f53b19-fea6-40c5-84ac-a96a4b8b1fb1,authenticationToken:vxwxd7J8AlNNFPS8k0a0FfUFtq0ewzFdc,barcode:{message:BenjaminLinus,messageEncoding:iso-8859-1,format:PKBarcodeFormatQR,altText:Benjamin Linus},logoText:OceanicAirlines,teamIdentifier:6MSJK492D9,formatVersion:1,locations:[{latitude:37.4479669,longitude:-122.1599643,relevantText:Welcome to IMAGESFO!}],description:Oceanic Boarding Pass,webServiceURL:,boardingPass:{backFields:[{key:back0,label:Built with PassTools,value:Built with PassToolsn(photo)nFind out more and create your own passes at:nhttps://passtools.comnnTello, Inc.n408 Florence StreetnPalo Alto, CA94301n650.321.2323nhelp@passtools.comn}],transitType:PKTransitTypeAir,auxiliaryFields:[{key:auxiliary1,label:DEPART,value:2:25 PM},{key:auxiliary2,label:FLIGHT,value:815},{key:auxiliary3,label:CLASS,value:Coach},{key:auxiliary4,label:DATE,value:7/22}],primaryFields:[{key:primary1,label:SYDNEY,value:SYD},{key:primary2,label:LOS ANGELES,value:LAX}],headerFields:[{key:header1,label:GATE,value:23}],secondaryFields:[{key:secondary1,label:PASSENGER,value:Benjamin
  37. 37. Or use a Passbook service •  Marketing can experiment with various pass types •  Designer can iterate rapidly with visual previewer IMAGE •  Engineer can use templates (photo) and API •  Marketing can send passes •  Marketing can use analytics
  38. 38. Tools offer reporting too
  39. 39. Let s create a real pass
  40. 40. Next Steps•  Create a few passes•  Add them into existing marketing efforts•  Test customer response•  Use data to inform your future plans
  41. 41. QA Brent Hieggelke Chief Marketing Officer Urban Airship @bhieggelke Moderator   Joe Beninato GM, Digital Wallet Michael Becker Managing Director, North America Urban Airship Mobile Marketing Association @mobiledirect
  42. 42. Upcoming Events Programs •  MMA Forum – San Francisco (January 29-30) •  MMA Forum – New York (May 8-10) Visit for more details on future events and webinars Planning for 2013, contact Michael Becker at to get involved
  43. 43. Thank You ADDITIONAL RESOURCES• Create a Free PassTools account:• Check out Apple Passbook support:• Sign up for Passbook Innovators Group:• Follow Urban Airship on Twitter @urbanairship, and visit them Sign up for the MMA Search for partners or get listed at the SmartBrief: Mobile Marketing Industry Directory:  
  44. 44. Thanks for stopping in! January 24, 2013