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AIESEC gsu info event


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AIESEC gsu info event

  1. 1. Welcome to..
  2. 2. Today What is AIESEC & what’s in there for me Story of an AIESECer How can I join AIESEC Georgia State Questions
  3. 3. What is AIESEC?Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.Today I am wise, so I am changing MYSELF.- Anonymous ...but in the meantime Ill still help changing the World! =)
  4. 4. What is AIESEC? Non-political The world‘s largest student-run organization Non-for-profit Professional learning International work-abroad experiences IndependentCross-cultural understanding Experiences for students in leading and managing teams Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.
  5. 5. AIESEC in numbers 1948 From60.000 members 110 Countries/territories 2,100 Universities 470 Conferences16,000 Exchange experiences 4,000 Partner20,000 Leadership opportunities 730 Local Committees945,000 Alumni
  6. 6. The AIESEC eXPerience
  7. 7. Experiential Leadership Development  Team Experiences  International Internship Experiences  Global Leadership Network of AIESEC  You choose the path of your AIESEC experience
  8. 8. Working abroad with AIESEC Community GlobalDevelopment Internship
  9. 9. Global Community Development Program Working abroad for social andcommunity development projects Cross-cultural positive impact Self development Skill enhancement Community Development
  10. 10. GCDP – Main destinations Brazil EgyptHungary Uganda
  11. 11. Working abroad with AIESEC Community GlobalDevelopment Internship
  12. 12. Global Internship ProgramProfessional internships in business projects and organizations Professional development Specialize in a certain field of work Long term duration Global Internship
  13. 13. Global Internship ProgramSectors:Management, IT, Engineering,Education & DevelopmentDuration:Usually 2-6 monthsMain destinations:China, India, Russia, Brazil, EasternEurope GlobalSalary:Depends on internship - from Internshipvoluntary work to full-paidinternships
  14. 14. Working within AIESECTeam Member Team Leader
  15. 15. Working within AIESECTeam Member Team Leader
  16. 16. Team Member Program Starting point for leadership development:  Practical team experience  Access to a global network  Practical soft & hard skillsTeam Member
  17. 17. Working within AIESECTeam Member Team Leader
  18. 18. Team Leader Program Personal and professional development: Team building and management Direct other members Become part of their development Team Leader
  19. 19. AIESEC Culture
  20. 20. My AIESEC story…
  21. 21. Opportunities with AIESEC GSU• Participate in the Activities of the Local Committee as Team Member, be in one of our functional teams:• Marketing• Outgoing Exchange (OGX)• Talent Management (TM)• Incoming Exchange (ICX)• Finance
  22. 22. What Do We Expect From You?• Enthusiasm• Participation• Professionalism• Great Work Ethic• Open-Minded• Motivated• Fun-Loving
  23. 23. Open PositionsTeam:In-Coming ExchanceDuration:Spring SemesterMain responsibilities:•Business development, sales•Database manager•Trainee management•Participation to networking events
  24. 24. Open PositionsTeam:Out Going ExchangeDuration:Spring SemesterMain responsibilities:•Writing Newsletters•Manage exchange participants•University relations•Marketing agents•Raising and matching exchangeparticipants
  25. 25. Open PositionsTeam:Marketing and CommunicationsDuration:Spring SemesterMain responsibilities:•Writing Newsletters•Make Videos and Flyers•Local Committee relations
  26. 26. Open PositionsTeam:FinanceDuration:Spring SemesterMain responsibilities:•Coordinating Sponsorships, fundraisers and Vendor relations•Budgeting•Return on Investment tracking
  27. 27. Open PositionsTeam:Talent ManagementDuration:Spring SemesterMain responsibilities:• Events Manager• Experience managers• Tracking member experience• Tracking member development
  28. 28. What’s next Induction RegionalApply to Day Individual Conference AIESEC Interview -feb 4th Mar 3-5th
  29. 29. Contact us! Email:Web:FB: AIESECgsu