Lung specialist | Lung Cancer


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Respiratory Medical Associates is a specialist clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of lung disorders (Lung Cancer, Lung Specialist, Cough and Respiratory Specialist). We offer preventative services such as influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations.

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Lung specialist | Lung Cancer

  1. 1. Respiratory Medical Associates is a specialist clinic for the diagnosis and treatment oflung disorder. These can range from a cough that doesn’t go away, spots on the chestXray to lung infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis. In addition, wealso treat chronic disorders such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (alung disease caused by smoking), lung fibrosis and obstructive sleep apnoea.We have the expertise to diagnose and treat serious lung problems such as pleuraleffusions (water in the lungs) and lung cancer. We also offer preventative services suchas influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations as well as a program for smokers who areinterested in quitting.Our SpecialistsDR. KENNETH CHANConsultant Respiratory PhysicianDr. Chan is a specialist in respiratory medicine with special interests in bronchoscopy,smoking cessation and intensive care medicine. He is also a visiting consultant toSingapore General Hospital and an Adj Asst Professor at Duke-NUS Graduate MedicalSchool.Dr. Kenneth Chan is currently a consultant respiratory physician at Gleneagles MedicalCentre. Prior to this, he was a senior consultant at the Department of Respiratory andCritical Care Medicine, Singapore General Hospital. Dr Chan graduated from theNational University of Singapore in 1995. He then obtained the Master of Medicine(Internal Medicine) and the MRCP (UK) in 1999. He went on to specialty training inRespiratory and Critical Care Medicine at the Singapore General Hospital. In 2004, hewas awarded a Health Manpower Development Award to pursue a clinical fellowship inCritical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada. Dr Chan also holds theEuropean Diploma in Intensive Care.Dr Chan was the President of the Singapore Thoracic Society in 2005 and 2006 and anactive executive committee member till 2008. He is also currently the President of theSociety of Intensive Care Medicine, Singapore. With a passion for teaching, Dr Chanheld dual appointments – Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Duke-NUSGraduate Medical School, and Clinical Lecturer at the Yong Loo Lin School ofMedicine, National University of Singapore. He has a special interest in Evidence-basedMedicine and has directed and conducted several courses in this area. He is also regularlyinvited to lecture and teach at the annual Asia-Pacific Evidence-based MedicineConference and Workshop.In the research arena, Dr Chan focuses in the areas of intensive care, mechanicalventilation and acute respiratory distress syndrome. He has published in internationaljournals such as CHEST and Critical Care Medicine and is regularly invited to speakregionally in these fields. In 2007, Dr Chan was the Scientific Chair for the 2nd Asia-Pacific Congress in Bronchology.
  2. 2. In addition to general respiratory medicine, Dr. Chan has a special interest in intensivecare medicine and bronchoscopy. He is well-versed with many cutting-edge technologies,including high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, extra-corporeal membrane oxygenationand advanced bronchoscopic techniques such as endobronchial ultrasound. Dr Chan isalso able to perform ultrasound examinations of the thorax, primarily for the diagnosisand management of pleural effusions. He also has a special interest in smoking cessation.While at SGH, Dr Chan directed the inpatient smoking cessation program as well as theoutpatient Smoking Cessation Clinic. He also chaired the Ministry of Health ClinicalPractice Guidelines for Smoking Cessation in 2010-2011. In addition, he is the ScientificChair for the upcoming World Congress on Tobacco and Health in 2012, the premiersmoking cessation meeting globally.DR. CONSTANCE LOConsultant Respiratory PhysicianMBBS (Spore), MRCP (UK), FAMS (Singapore)Dr. Lo is a specialist in respiratory medicine with special interests in bronchoscopy ,sleep-disordered breathing (including obstructive sleep apnoea), non-invasive ventilationand medical pleuroscopy. She is a Visiting Consultant in the Respiratory Department ofthe Singapore General Hospital and the Sleep disorders Unit of the Singapore GeneralHospital. Dr. Constance Lo is currently a consultant respiratory physician at GleneaglesMedical Centre. Prior to this, she was a senior consultant at the Department ofRespiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Singapore General Hospital.Dr Lo obtained her MBBS from the National University of Singapore in 1990. Shetrained in general internal medicine under the Ministry of Health, and obtained herMRCP, UK in 1995. She continued with sub-specialty Training in the Department ofRespiratory and Critical Care Medicine at the Singapore General Hospital in 1995 andwas accredited by the Specialist accreditation Board as a Specialist in RespiratoryMedicine in 1999.In 2000, she was awarded a Health Manpower Development Award to pursue a year’sclinical fellowship in Respiratory Medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada withexposure to Thoracic Oncology, transplantation medicine and Sleep Medicine. This wasfollowed by a 3 month attachment in Marseille, France, to train in InterventionalPulmonology and Medical Thoracoscopy (Pleuroscopy). In addition to the generalpulmonology and bronchoscopy service in the Hospital, Dr Lo covered specialty clinic atthe sleep disorders unit (with special interest in sleep related breathing disorders) and waspart of the department’s Medical Thoracoscopy team, with experience in ultrasoundguided pleural drainage, diagnostic and therapeutic medical thoracoscopy. She has beeninvited to teach in both local and regional meetings, including the 1st Asia Pacific regionconference of the International Union against TB and Lung disease 2007 , 2nd AsiaPacific Congress of Bronchology July 2007 , Pleura and Pleuroscopy workshop 2010,and Malaysian Thoracic Society annual congress 2009.
  3. 3. She was appointed as a clinical lecturer at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,National University of Singapore from 2008-2011, and was involved in bothundergraduate and advanced specialty teaching in Respiratory Medicine. She has beenthe supervisor to the Respiratory Therapy Department, Singapore General Hospital from2001-2011, and has a keen interest in the advancing technology of non-invasiveventilation.For more information about Lung Cancer, Lung specialist in Singapore, Cough specialist inSingapore and Singapore Respiratory Specialist, Visit our website :