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Amazing Foodscape Scenery


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The British photographer Carl Warner created a series of landscape images utilizing basic food ingredients found in a typical Kitchen.

Amazing Foodscape Scenery

  1. 1. Amazing foodscape scenery
  2. 2. The british photographer Carl Warner created a series of photos using only food to make the scenary. The word ‘’foodscapes’’( union of the words and landscape) show underwater caves, forests, beaches at sunset and even waterfalls, using fruits, vegetables, cheese, cold meat, pasta, and other grains.
  3. 3. In this forest, trees made of brocolis, with peas hanged as fruits and the highways are paved with cumin. The grass is made of herbs and the mountains of bread. Clouds made of cauliflower, decorate the sky.
  4. 4. The photographer says that he is well known in the neighbourhood of his house, in Kent, England, for passing many hours in the market looking for the best broccoli or the best pepper to ’’compose’’ his scenes . To gain depth, the photos are taken on tables with 1,2 X 2,4 meters square. Besides, they are registrated in ’’layers’’, to avoid that the food shrivels before the picture is taken.
  5. 5. Edible ingredients in this Italian-inspired rural scene include a lasagna cart, fields of pasta, a pine nut wall, mozzarella clouds, trees of peppers and chilies and a parmesan village.
  6. 6. ’’ I like the way of how the litlle aspects of nature look like big’’, says Carl Warner. At the italian inspiration’s kitchen - many tomatos and olives. He confesses that, till now, he hasn’t convinced yet his 4 offspring to eat more vegetables. ’’ At least, I can’t say that they play with food more than I do’’ declares the photographer.
  7. 7. This cavern is made of marine crustaceans. The rocks are made of bread, but, at the deep of the sea, they are made of cauliflower. To make the tri-dimensional sensation in the pictures, each scene is composed on a 1,2 x 2,4 m square table.
  8. 8. Rice, coconut, many grains and a sky made of purple cabbage compose this bucolic ’’landscape’’.
  9. 9. Trees made of cabbage leaves, rocks of sweet potato, the narrow canyon made of bread and the sky made of purple cabbage.
  10. 10. The sea on this beach scene at sunset is made up of salmon fillets. The rocks are potatoes and bread. To help complete the scene, a green pea pod acts as small boat.
  11. 11. Shitake mushrooms, sesame and other grains.
  12. 12. The rainbow was perfect behind the forest of vegatables and potato .
  13. 13. Houses made of cheese, crates and baskets made of various pastas. The street is made up of legumes, and grains.
  14. 14. This Italian kitchen has many vegetables and pastas. The houses seen through the window are made of cheese.
  15. 15. At the first view, it is difficult to notice that the mountains are made of bread.
  16. 16. Balloons made of fruit and legumes, trees of broccoli, rocks of potatoes, fields of corn and peppers, and a town made of cheese with a carrot tower.
  17. 17. In this alpine scene, Grissini biscuits and Parma ham turn into a wheelbarrow that will be pulled by the way of salami with trees of bacon around it.
  18. 18. In this sight, the main ingredients are: Ham:sky, mountains, waterfall and river Bread:rocks Grissini biscuiets:house and trapiche Salami:brickworks
  19. 19. In this alpine scene, the stars are the cold meat. Grissini biscuits and Parma ham turn into the sleigh pulled by the mountains of snow made of other cold meats, as smoked turkey and Bologna. The Parma ham is also located on the pines .
  20. 20. Are you hungry now?