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  1. 1. OSU CAMP PEER MENTOR PROGRAM 2006-2007 Volunteer Position DescriptionDescription: As a College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Peer Mentor, you will have anopportunity to serve an incoming first-year student in the CAMP program byencouraging/supporting their transition to college life. Because the overall goal of theCAMP Peer Mentor program is student retention, mentors play an integral role in helpingstudents adjust socially and academically to college life. Peer mentors can help newstudents navigate college life at Oregon State University by providing mentees withinformation about services available, encouraging participation in student group activitiesor events, and helping mentees adjust to the university environment. Ideally, studentswith the social and academic support will remain in school, complete their first year ofcollege, and return in the fall for their second year. Peer mentors can serve their mentees in their transition to college in many ways,among the most important is helping new students make connections to their newenvironment. Mentoring is a process of empowerment; you can make a big difference inthe lives of new CAMP students by becoming a Peer Mentor!Qualifications: • A positive attitude • Familiarity with issues faced by first-year students from migrant/farm worker backgrounds • An undergraduate GPA of 2.50 or greater • A minimum of 36 credits at Oregon State University by the end of Spring term 2006Responsibilities • Commit to one year of service as a Peer Mentor • Attend an informational session (time and location to be announced) • Attend mentor training, during CONNECT week (one week before school) • Meet with mentee, one-on-one, weekly during the fall term. Students will meet less during winter and spring terms. • Attend mentor/mentee group sessions (2 scheduled per term) • Attend mentor development/evaluation meetings once per term • Maintain an undergraduate GPA of 2.50 or greaterTo become a CAMP Peer Mentor, please contact Wendy Alemán or via voice mail at 737-6217. General questions aboutthe program can also be directed to Amas Aduviri at 737-3923.