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OSU COMUNITY SERVICE CENTER                             Budget Summary for MSICSL 2005Program Description:The Community Se...
•   Providing support to other service-learning initiatives such as Peace Jam and OSU’s first       alternative spring bre...
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  1. 1. OSU COMUNITY SERVICE CENTER Budget Summary for MSICSL 2005Program Description:The Community Service Center (CSC) provides leadership development opportunities forstudents by offering them the chance to participate in volunteer programs and activities invarious community settings. The CSC is responsible for recruiting and placing students involunteer positions, promoting service opportunities to student organizations and to allundergraduate and graduate students, programming community and campus service events suchas MLK day of service, coordinating with various departments on campus, workingcollaboratively with faculty involved in community service and service-learning opportunities,and maintaining close relationships with community agencies.In addition, the CSC works with student organizations and Halsell Hall to encouragevolunteering and to connect students with opportunities to serve the community. The CSCencourages volunteering through special service events, presentations, informationalprogramming (volunteer service fairs, etc.), and by building relationships with on-campus andoff-campus partners.Describe how this budget benefits students (themes, initiatives, or sub-categories):Students who participate in service through the Community Service Center have the opportunityto meet other students committed to service, network with professionals in their prospectivefields of employment, learn about job opportunities, expand their awareness of people fromdifferent backgrounds, build relationships with different community members, and help thecommunity. Through community service opportunities, the CSC plays an important role instudent retention.The CSC budget includes funding for service initiatives such as the “Leave it to Beavers”community service project for incoming freshmen (during Connect Week), Martin Luther KingDay of Service, the Volunteer Resource Guide distributed at START informational fairs andother informational fairs and events throughout the year.New and continued initiatives: • Marketing and promotion of the Community Service Center • Specialization of Co-Director positions with an on-campus/off-campus emphasis. The Co-Director/Internal Coordinator will focus efforts on campus, building relationships and recruiting students for available opportunities. The Co-Director/External Coordinator will focus efforts on community relationships with off-campus partners and update available service opportunities • Promotion of volunteer opportunities on- and off-campus • Continued partnership with University Housing and Dining Services to support Halsell Hall in promoting community service and service learning • Student Community Service Roundtable, establishing a platform to discuss service learning and community service efforts • Working collaboratively with the Student Affairs Service Learning Coordinator
  2. 2. • Providing support to other service-learning initiatives such as Peace Jam and OSU’s first alternative spring break in Sacramento, California • Establishment of a new volunteer database, designed to track volunteer hours and promote volunteer opportunities • Continued relationship with Campus Compact, a national non-profit organization that promotes and supports community service efforts in higher education • Established role as the Campus Partner for the Students in Service program, an AmeriCorps program of Campus Compact. • Member of the Willamette Valley Service Learning discussion roundtableOutcomes of the program:In 2004-2005 • 105 hours of student service during Connect Week for “Leave it to Beavers,” community service project event • Community roundtable discussion for agency partners • 160 hours of student service during OSU’s first Martin Luther King day of service • New community partnerships with local agencies, including LB Vision and Linn-Benton Community College • Community Service Fair (held the second week of winter term) • Complete 2,700 hours of community service hours through Students in Service • Register 100 students in community serviceVision for the future: • Identifying and developing new community partnerships • Maintaining relationships with current community partnerships • Increasing the visibility of the Community Service Center • Conducting community agency site visits • Maintaining relationships and working collaboratively with on-campus partners to promote service learning • Promoting volunteer recognition opportunities for all OSU student volunteers and special recognition for specific volunteer accomplishments • Increasing the number of slots available for the Students in Service program, an AmeriCorps program of Campus Compact • Increasing access to service learning resources for students, faculty, and staff • Providing student staff with professional opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in the areas of volunteer management, civic engagement, and service learningChangesStudent wages were changed to reflect mandated increases in wages and reflect changes in theminimum wage. In addition, due to increasing demand for service opportunities, student hoursfor the following year were increased from ten hours per week to 15 hours per week. TheMSICSL budget employees three students employees; this includes two Co-Directors at a payrate of $7.75 and $8.00 and the Service Learning Assistant at the minimum wage for the nextfiscal year.