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Historical TimelineSubmitted by Wendy Alemán       American Higher Education History                           U.S. Histor...
American Higher Education History                               U.S. History in General1837 – Oberlin College Enrolls Wome...
American Higher Education History                             U.S. History in General1921 – Founding of Work study Plan   ...
American Higher Education History                               U.S. History in General1961 – Dixon v. Alabama            ...
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Historical timeline final


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Historical timeline final

  1. 1. Historical TimelineSubmitted by Wendy Alemán American Higher Education History U.S. History in General 1636 Harvard Established 1636 Two New Colonies Established Founded by the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Banished by the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Roger Harvard was the first college established in the Williams established the Rhode Island Colony. The United States. Connecticut Colony is established by Thomas Hooker and a group of Massachusetts colonists. Source - Rudolph Source – Website: 1637 Pequot War Shortly after the establishment of Harvard, the Massachusetts Bay Colony along with the newly founded Connecticut Colony attacked the Pequot tribe. In a surprise attack, the English colonies killed an estimated 400-700 Pequot Men, Women, and children at the Pequot Missituck village. Already low in numbers, the Pequot tribe was weakened; surviving Pequots from other villages scatter into hiding in other tribes. Source – Website:
  2. 2. American Higher Education History U.S. History in General1837 – Oberlin College Enrolls Women 1838 – Trail of TearsOberlin established coeducational higher education Approximately 4,000 Cherokee Indians die on the trailby offering women the traditional B.A. degree and of tears on their long migration from Georgia toa special diploma for completion of “ladies Okalahoma.course.” Source –Website:Source – Rudolph Boston Female Medical College 1848 The end of the Mexican-American WarSamuel Gregory formed the medical college Fought from 1846 to 1848, the end of the Mexican-because he disapproved of the idea male doctors American war resulted in victory for the United States.being present for childbirth. The college The Treaty of Guadalupe (February of 1848), spell-outcurriculum, therefore, focused on midwifery. (The the terms of the resolution. Mexico turned overcollege operated for 26 years and later merged with California and New Mexico and recognized theBoston University Medical School). boundaries established by the Rio Grande. The U.S. paid approximately, $15,000,000 for the landSource – Website: exchange. In addition, the U.S. was to provide current Mexicans in the newly acquired territory the option of_boston_female_medical.htm U.S. citizenship and promised to allow them to keep their property and possessions. However, because of technicalities of the law (such as an additional step to acquire citizenship), many Mexicans were left without legal rights, many lost their possessions and land. Source – Website: Morrill Act 1863 Emancipation ProclamationAt a time when the country was in turmoil and the President Abraham Lincoln on Sept. 22, 1862 declaredSouth had departed from the Union, the Morrill that all slaved shall be free effective January 1, 1863.Act passed on July 2 of 1862. The act established With this act, Lincoln hoped to encourage all blacks,land grant colleges and granted each state 30,000 slaved or free, to join the efforts of the union. Overall,acres for each representative and senator it had in the proclamation served to change the mission of thecongress. With this act, state colleges across the civil were established. Source - Website:; WASource - Website:; WA1869 – Cornell Established 1863 Gettysburg AddressThe institution would unite practical and liberal Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg address, a two-learning. It wanted to be the Apex of higher minute speech, which later became immortalized in theeducation in New York. Established with the land history of the United of States.grant idea and the principle of electives. Source – Website:Source - Rudolph
  3. 3. American Higher Education History U.S. History in General1921 – Founding of Work study Plan 1920 Women’s VotingMixed liberal education, work experience and August 18 - 19th Amendment to US constitution issocial training. passed, guaranteeing womens suffrage.Source – Rudolph Source – Website: The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act 1942-1946 Japanese Internment and RelocationAlso known as the GI Bill, this act allowed While Japanese Americans were classified by the FBIveterans of World War II access to higher as “enemy aliens” shortly after the bombing of Pearleducation. With this act, higher education saw an Harbor and thousands immediately arrested, it was notexplosion in enrollment. “In the peak year of until January of 1942 when the Attorney General began1947, veterans accounted for 49 percent of college establishing prohibited zones. By February, Franklinenrollment” (website). D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which defined military areas where Japanese Americans wereSource – Website: not allowed to reside. This executive order ultimately resulted in the relocation of over 110,000 people of Japanese Ancestry out of their homes. Source – Website: Brown vs. the Board of Education 1954 Ellis Island Entry Point Closes.“The landmark Supreme Court decision of Brown Between 1892-1954 roughly 12 million immigrantsaimed at ending segregation in public schools. On stopped in Ellis Island, the principal federalMay 17, 1954, the Supreme Court unanimously immigration station.declared that separate educational facilities areinherently unequal" and, as such, violate the 14th Source – Website:Amendment to the United States Constitution, guarantees all citizens "equal protection of verview.htmlthe laws."”Source – Website: 1955 Rosa Park Arrested Rosa Parks, an African-American seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama refuses to give up her seat to a white man and is arrested for this act. Rosa Park‟s act of civil disobedience is credited for fueling the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. Source – Website:
  4. 4. American Higher Education History U.S. History in General1961 – Dixon v. Alabama 1964 – Civil Rights Act passedThis court ruling establishes „due process‟ in This landmark legislation intended to endhigher education. Basically, it stated that students discrimination based on race, color, religion, orhave a constitutional right and should be given due national origin.process in dismissal from an institution. Source – Website:Source – Website: http://www.higher- m1969 – First Women Accepted into Yale and 1969 – New PresidentPrinceton January 20 - Richard Nixon succeeds Lyndon JohnsonWhile women gain the rights to vote in the 1920s, as President of the United States of Americait took another 49 years before prestigious schoolssuch as Yale and Princeton opened their doors to Source – Website: – Website: – Reauthorization of the Higher Education 1972 – Nixon Wins Presidental ElectionAct In a landslide victory, Nixon is re-elected. “Nixon wonThis reauthorization prohibited discrimination a majority vote in 49 states, with only Massachusettsbased on gender, marital and parental status in the and the District of Columbia voting for the challenger,areas of “…admissions, financial aid, health and resulting in an even more lopsided Electoral Collegeinsurance benefits, career guidance and counseling tally.”services, housing facilities, courses and othereducational activities, and scholastic, intramural, Source – Website:club, or intercollegiate athletics.”, _1972Source – Website: