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  1. 1. Agency Agency Name Agency Contact Phone Email C Project For Day of Service Vol Time Slot Location/DirectionsAvery Center Andrea Myhre 758-6198 Painting and cleaning in exhibit area. Also, work C 5 9-4 Walking distance. To get to the park with native plant garden. walk South on 15th street to the park. The address is 1200 SW Avery Park Lane.Basic Rights Oregon Deb Burke C This project will support the work of Basic Rights 2-3 per 9-4 OSU Campus. Meeting on the Quadsupport project Oregon, a non-profit dedicated to ending time with Deb Burke. discrimination based on sexual orientation and slot gender identity, by educating about legislation (SB1000) to protect the rights of people who are LGBTQQI and providing information about how toCorvallis Parks & Rec Steve McGettigan 754-1739 C Avery Park state legislature. A table will be set up 20-30 contact the 9-4 Go South on 15th street to Avery in the MU and volunteers are needed to staff the Park. The office is toward the right of table and/or educate their friends and family this entrance. about SB1000.Corvallis Community Mary Ann Sward 753-0191 outdoors. 1) window washing 2) C Work will be 30 9-4 3285 NE Oxford CircleChildrens Centers office Indoor painting is one option 3) Yard work number: (putting down cedar chips in playground area, m,t, thur, fri etc). She will have tools and work gloves. 9-2. Volunteer should dress in work clothes. Best isChildrens Farm House Cheri Galvin 758-5953 cgalvin@trilli really at C They will meet up with Jerry or Roger at the 8-10 9-4 High 20, between Albany and Chirldrens Farm home at the front reception in Corvallis. home: 754-1304. the main entrance. The volunteers will be doing She also weeding. reg. Checks email.Linn Benton Food Share Susan James or 758-2645 C Repack of frozen foods. CANCEL THIS 8 9:30-12 Address: 33747 Looney lane. Ryan PROJECT. Location out in Tangent (its in Albany). Down 34 towards freeway, the 99 exit to Albany/Junction city. Turn L-towards ablany. Second traffic light (john deer sign), turn L (heading back toward Corvallis toward 34). Corner of old hwy 34 and Looney LaneHome Life, Inc. Christine Newell 753-9015 newell@peak.orgard work C Y 15 9-4 (volunteer coordinator)
  2. 2. Home Life, Inc. Jamie Bolding (or 753-3570 C Students will finish painting the trim 10 9-11 Painting project at 25th and filmore Melanie) locationGrace Center for Adults Judy Kyllingstad 754.84 with seniors. (This location is C Play games 2-5 1:00-3:00 435 NW 21st Street walking distance)Majestic Theatre Christine 766-6976 C Maintence and cleaning of the building. 2 9-4 115 SW 2nd Street. Hagbrook (2# for voice mail)Old Mill Center Rebecca Sario 757-8068 C 2 students for sanding and painting 1-4 time slot. 2 (for 11-1 or x223 Ann Marie requested one person from 9-11 or 1-4 1-4 11-1 to stuff welcome baby bags and packet slot) assembly (2 total for this project). 2 (for 11-1 slot)Vina Moses Christine Duffney 753-1420 C Folding clothes, sorting clothes 4 9-4 968 NW Garfield Av (send thank Angela Axtell)Youth Garden Project Cynthia King 753-9211 Volunteers are nneed to help with all aspects of C 15 9-4 Sunset Park, off country club drive (Cell: garden work, including bed preparation, planing, off 45th street. On country club and 650-483-3 harvest and maintenance. 45th, is where you will find the 378) parking lot.Heartland Humane Dani Bolda 760-7704 C Cleaning kennels/yardwork - This project is 10 max 9:30-10:30 398 SW Tiwn Oak Circle, behindSociety assigned to Career Services. Six people will Papa Johns. service as a group.Total time number ofslots 320 VOL