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  1. 1. COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER Employee EvaluationEmployee Name:______________________________________ Today’s Date:________________________Supervisor’s Name:____________________________________ Term:_______ Circle: Self or Supervisor NEEDS OVERALL PERFORMANCE SUPPORT AVERAGE GOOD EXCELLENT COMMENTSInclusive: ability to work with,communicate and reach out to,communities different than one’sown.Teamwork: workscollaboratively, communicatespositively and establishes goodrapport with other staff members.Dependability/Reliability:attends to task assigned, followsthrough with commitments.Accepts Suggestions: respondscreatively to feedback, seeks toimprove performance and qualityof work.Initiative: ability to workwithout supervision, self-motivating.Work Attitude: openness andwillingness to complete assignedtasks; establishes authentic andhonest relationships withcolleagues, agencies and others;and makes an effort to learnabout the Community ServiceCenter, agencies, and othercommunity partners.Punctual: reports regularly andpunctually; communicates whens/he will be in office and alertscolleagues to changes inschedule.Term Goal 1:Term Goal 2:Term Goal 3:Overall Quality of WorkMy supervisor has provided me with a copy of this evaluation. Employee Signature:___________________________________