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  1. 1. Your future investment
  2. 2. primeCROWD – Ready for take-off Financial Aspect Innovative Aspect primeCROWD Aspect
  3. 3. Who represents primeCROWD? left to right: Sebastian Körber, Paul Pöltner, Paolo Sommariva, Thomas Grubbauer, Antonia Hofer, Thomas Seyfried, Daniel Cronin, Pierre Rubant, Christoph Kainz, Markus Kainz, Julian Breitenecker, David Khassidov, Sophie Tschöp, Michael Raab, Florian Zeitlinger, Matthias Neumayer, Thomas In der Maur, Johannes Siller, Andreas Siedl, Renata Fourmanova | not present: Masha Gabriele Ibeschitz, Alexander Mazevski and Stefan Wukovitsch Mag. Markus Kainz primeCROWD stands for a team of experts who will profitably apply their knowledge and years of experience in this field for you. The quality of the startups is of great importance to me. What I like about primeCROWD is that there is a close cooperation between selected european incubators and therefore I am able to invest in startups which deliver top performance. Johannes Siller
  4. 4. Stage 2: matching with primeInvestors (duration: 4-6 weeks) Stage 3: Finalization of investments preliminary meeting with primeCROWD survey shareholders & primeFriends If criteria are met majority in favour Stage 1 : screening (duration: 2-3 weeks) Investment Process
  5. 5. Contact Mag. Markus Kainz These partners place their trust in primeCROWD: primeCROWD gives us the opportunity to have access to innovative start-ups and investors from a whole new environment. Thomas In Der Maur