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Teacher training course: Pedagogical use of ICT


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Teacher training course: Pedagogical use of ICT

  1. 1. Teacher training course: Pedagogical use of ICT The Christ Church Cathedral Primary School, Lagos, Nigeria
  2. 2. Background  Our school: large amount of pupils (2000)  One computer class – room for 50 pupils  2 Pupils have to share a computer → collaborative methods  Unreliable Internet connection → looking for solutions  The rate of experienced and non experienced teachers is 70/30 → peer tutoring  Teachers are not motivated to attend trainings → integrate training within teaching
  3. 3. Content of the course and leaning outcomes  Pedagogical use of technological tools  Learning theory: self-regulation, collaboration  Central 21st century skills: ICT literacy, collaboration  After the course, participants can:  define the main principles of integrating ICT in the classroom;  plan, implement, and further develop technology-enhanced lessons;  locate sources of information and new tools;  assess the pedagogical use of different technological tools;  use wiki as a learning environment;  relate to other teachers to exchange ideas and support to use ICT in the classroom.
  4. 4. Course materials The school will receive the following:  instructions for the facilitator;  detailed scripts for each meeting;  materials for the participating teachers which include:  two sample lesson plans (inquiry and problem-solving);  tips for personalizing the plans, list of main design principles;  list of tools (can be used in the different parts of lesson);  a raspberry pi computer that will act as a local intranet wiki server.
  5. 5. Implementation  Facilitator leading the meetings  Teachers working in groups (4 teachers)  Peer tutoring  The learning-for-use pedagogical model  The learning assignments consist of:  implementing ready made lesson plans that include the use of technology;  discussing and sharing ideas in groups;  creating a lesson plan based on the example given;  implementing the adapted lesson plan;  discussing and sharing experience in groups;  writing reflections about each lesson they used ICT in;  commenting on each other’s reflections (everyone reads at least 3 reflections/month).
  6. 6. Schedule
  7. 7. Assessment  Self-assessment: reflections in the wiki personal page  Peer assessment: comments on reflections  Assessment from pupils: exit slips with prompts  No external assessment
  8. 8. Technological demonstrator
  9. 9. Technological demonstrator
  10. 10. Technological demonstrator
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!