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Presentation in the working seminar


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This is a brief progress report I presented at the ADILA working seminar.

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Presentation in the working seminar

  1. 1. PhD project: Progress report Aleksandra Lazareva 11.01.2016 Kristiansand
  2. 2. Contents • Course work • Writing & publications • Other activities • Data collection 1
  3. 3. Course work • Theoretical foundations of information systems (IS 607) – 10 sp • Term paper: Adaptive structuration theory (AST) & theory of affordances • Philosophy of science (EX 602) – 5 sp • Term paper: Theories of collaborative learning • Research methods in information systems (ME 602) – 5 sp • Term paper: Action Design research • Interaction analysis (Universitetet i Oslo, UV9112) – 3 sp • Course paper • Publication developed using interaction analysis • Mini-IRIS (Information Systems Research in Scandinavia) conference on design ethnography in information systems research in Roskilde Universitet – 2 sp • Research proposal • ADILA course on interactive learning (IKT 715) ongoing – 5 sp 2
  4. 4. Conceptualizing collaboration in the context of computer-supported collaborative learning • 7th International conference on computer supported education • Short paper 3 Photo: Aleksandra Lazareva
  5. 5. Together we can: Team and online collaborative work • E-book • 4
  6. 6. Promoting collaborative interactions in a learning management system • 18th International conference on interactive collaborative learning • Full paper 5 Photo: Aleksandra Lazareva
  7. 7. More writing • Co-authored a chapter titled «Towards a contingency theory of learning» published in the book Digital media in teaching and its added value • In process: Literature review on collaborative learning research in the field of information systems • In process: Students’ perceptions of collaborative learning in a learning management system and the online tutor’s role • Research proposal discussed at the mini-IRIS conference • Survey in the context of the E-teaching I course • The role of the tutor, interactions with peers, online environment, multiculturalism • Instituttbok on development, planning and mobilities • Abstract deadline 15.01 6
  8. 8. Other tasks 7 Photo:
  9. 9. ADILA symposium • Designing engaging computer-supported learning (CSCL) environments: Online tutor as a provider of adaptive support 8 Poster: Aleksandra Lazareva
  10. 10. Teaching tasks & potential data collection settings • E-teaching I – The international online tutor course (SV 408): Online tutor • Students from Norway, Uganda & Sri Lanka • E-teaching II – E-course development and implementation (SV 503): Online tutor • Same students but different groups • Research methods in development studies (ME 413) • Students following face-to-face Master’s program are merged with online students following the Development Management program • Training on using Fronter for collaborative learning tasks • Læring med IT (IS 113) • Bachelor students in information systems and teacher education 9