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Open Monuments Project at GLAM Wiki Conference 2015


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How GLAM WIKI could be helpful or inspirational for social projects or change is more commons questions than what is there still missed. In order to reconsider idea for GLAM WIKI and make some improvements we would like to take a closer look at situations where and how GLAM WIKI has some limitations. When it could not be a good solution and why?

Why didn’t we decided to base our project on Wikipedia? How are the other examples of such projects? Is it only the example of monuments? What should be done in order to make Wikipedia more universal way of opening GLAM?

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Open Monuments Project at GLAM Wiki Conference 2015

  1. 1. From  "Wiki  loves  monuments"  
 to  "Open  Monuments  Project"   What  is  missed  in  GLAM  WIKI? Ewa  Majdecka  •  Aleksandra  Janus image:  D.  Lange,  Abandoned  Dust  Bowl  Home,  Digital  image  courtesy  of  the  Getty's  Open  Content  Program
  2. 2. Digital  Center:  what  do  we  do? image:  Pearl  Sammett,  Two  female  laboratory  workers  test  synthetic  rubber  in  the  Polymer  Rubber  Corporation   plant,  Flickr,  CC  BY,  
  3. 3. Open  Monuments  Project a  tool  for  engaging  citizens  in  using,  re-­‐using,  correcting   and  collecting  open  data  about  cultural  heritage image:  Hugo  Simberg,  Flickr,  CC  BY,
  4. 4. How  similar  are  we? and  how  are  we  different? image:  Molly's  Breakfast  by  The  Great  Western  View  Co,  Public  Domain,  Flickr,  
  5. 5. …and  why? image:  from  Nantucket  Historical  Association,  Flickr  The  Commons,  Public  Domain,   Open  Monuments  engagement  framework
  6. 6. can  we  overcome  it? barriers?   image:  Flickr,  Public  Domain,
  7. 7. therapy? let’s  talk  about  it image:  Internet  Archive,  Francis  A.  Countway  Library  of  Medicine  via  Medical  Heritage  Library,  Public  Domain,
  8. 8. where  to  find  us  • www.  • image:  Friedrich  Eduard  Bilz,  Nowe  lecznictwo  przyrodne  :  książka  do  nauczania  i  podręcznik  leczenia  przyrodnego  i  ochrony  zdrowia,   POLONA,