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LNV15 Business concept proposal MOOC


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An app which connects people who are looking to rent bike, scooter, surfboards and equipment for mountains and people who have it, but don’t use it at the moment

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LNV15 Business concept proposal MOOC

  1. 1. An app which connects people who are looking to rent bike, scooter, surfboards and equipment for mountains and people who have it, but don’t use it at the moment Principles of sharing economy
  2. 2. • Market of such sharing items are not filled at the moment, but there is a need to have it now. • People travel a lot and also usage of bikes, scooters, surfboards and mountain equipment are growing every year as people desire to have eco-friendly approach for life. When they travel in some geographical area they don’t take with them often their sport equipment because of high luggage fee and inconvenience of transportation and they still would like to see city by bike, surf or go to mountains with all things without paying enormous amount of money. People who have all these items and don’t use them at the moment - gain money. Economy becomes more “green”, people health turns get better, people from travel industry receives additional advantage of development rural areas. • APP gives possibility to find and rent bike without knowledge of foreign language • Real need which exists now and my venture can solve is “people travel and use Moooving as a tool to feel more comfortable in journey, see city in different way, feel it like a local. Motto “Feel it like a local”
  3. 3. • People who travel • Local people who want to try a new activity by renting (e.g.) a bike for just an hour or without need to buy something for long period • As main age group I would chosen “18-35 ages”
  4. 4. I will start with cities already known well as touristic enters and have most of requirements for launch: flat area for bikes, developed mountain/free hiking routes. As my example is Tel Aviv, Milan, Amsterdam.
  5. 5. • Social networks: Facebook, VK, Twitter • Touristic websites, forums • Travel journalists • Hostels, hotel, airbnb
  6. 6. • Creation of an app for iOS, Android devices and website • Partnership program for those who put a link for sharing/booking service
  7. 7. • Team members: programmers, ambassadors in different countries • Money: 1. for launch I use own my savings in order to enter into Startup incubator program 2. after Incubator - Angel investors
  8. 8. • Benefits: people see city from new point of view, feel it like locals, spend their time as they used to do it at home. people who have all items for renting - receive money back from sharing it with others • Costs: people who want to rent something pay the price which owners of items put in the system. Owners of items pay 10-15% commission if items are rented, they have no risk to rent or share because of 3 identification (credit card/PayPal details, social nets details, reviews). • Target customer: travellers, 18-35 years, eco-friendly. • Customer experience: travel becomes easier and more fun. • Real alternatives: local rent shops, agencies, which often have not very good website and service • My key differentiators: people who don’t know city and don’t speak foreign language can find and rent bikes, scooter, surfboards, mountain equipment. • Engagement: people share their experience in social nets and it becomes as Airbnb model.
  9. 9. My offering is not protected and everyone can copy it. “First came - first served” - if people are satisfied with their experience with “Moooving” they come back and share it with their friends. Reputation is what values for this moment against new “copies”
  10. 10. For next 3 months polishing business proposal and searching for startup incubator which accepts me. From 3 till 7 months - process of stabilising business project in legal and investment terms. Creating team. From 7 till 12 months - launch in 5 main cities (Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Berlin) From 12 month till 18 month - expanding in other 10 cities and investment round