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Govt.Engg College,Kalyani-Gen Prelims


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Prelims set from the General quiz at Exotica 2012.QM-Alekhya

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Govt.Engg College,Kalyani-Gen Prelims

  1. 1. General Quiz Prelims 13/04/2012 QM-Alekhya
  2. 2. Rules of the Game• The preliminary round consists of 30 questions• Question no’s 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 are starred and would be used to break a tie• Top 8 teams make it to the final• All the best 
  3. 3. Q1• How do we better know paraskevidekatriaphobia as?
  4. 4. • Fear of Friday the 13th
  5. 5. Q2• Which Presidential hopeful in India has Satyanarayan Gangaram as the first two parts of his name?
  6. 6. • Sam Pitroda
  7. 7. Q3• What’s the occasion for this logo?
  8. 8. • Brazil’s Independence Day
  9. 9. Q4• Who is the Southern Superstar being used as the new face of Thums Up in its campaign titled: Aaj kuch tufaani karte hain?
  10. 10. • Mahesh Babu
  11. 11. *Q5• A first of its kind in India, identify the organisation from its logo.
  12. 12. • 1st ever Museum of Statistics
  13. 13. Q6• This Japanese city noted in 06 that a certain person had become very well known and decided to use their common name for publicity. It sent that person a set of the city’s famous lacquer chopsticks, a DVD about the city and a letter wishing him the best.• As the person became even more popular in early 08, it began to organize parties, posters and T-shirts in support. Name the town
  14. 14. • Obama
  15. 15. Q7• Name the Character• Context won’t do- even Canine’s have names 
  16. 16. • Uggie
  17. 17. Q8• Significance:• International year of the ______.
  18. 18. • Child
  19. 19. Q9• The name of the place literally translates to "land of transhumance".Gao is its largest city and temporary capital.At various times in history, it has been under the Gao,Songhai,Pashalik and French empire. Which place are we talking about?
  20. 20. • Azawad
  21. 21. *Q10• During the 6 minute Prologue as released in December 2011, there was a large spread outcry that it was not possible to comprehend the characters voice properly. The director opted to ignore the outcry and use his independence to alter the sound slightly, not to rework it completely.• Which character and which movie.
  22. 22. • Bane• The Dark Knight Rises
  23. 23. Q11• Which personalitys twitter handle is @cricketwallah?
  24. 24. • Ayaz Memon
  25. 25. Q12• Logo of..?
  26. 26. • Wiki Species
  27. 27. Q13• It is a diagram used to represent words,ideas,tasks or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.• In British English, the terms spidergram or spidergraph.• What is the 2 word term used for these diagrams?
  28. 28. • Mind maps
  29. 29. Q14• It gets its name from a French word meaning "to toss food". It originated in the area around present day Nice.• It was originally a poor farmers dish, prepared in the summer with fresh summer vegetables. The original used only courgettes, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, and garlic. Nowadays aubergine is added. Name the dish.• Hint: in some other context : ‘He is dying to become a chef’
  30. 30. • Ratatouille
  31. 31. *Q15• It is a cultivar with red and green skin, a tart flavor, and tender white flesh. It becomes ripe in late September. It is traditionally the most popular cultivar in New England and Eastern Canada, well known for the pink sauce.• Many consider it a superior eating variety and well suited for cider, and pies. It is extremely common to find this particular cultivar packed in childrens lunches across North America owing to its small to medium size and longstanding reputation as a healthy snack.
  32. 32. • Mcintosh
  33. 33. Q16• A few from an exhaustive list of 370. What are these:• zzzzzz,yamaha,topgun,131313,arsenal,barney, bigdaddy,blonde,gandalf,london,hardcore,ilov eyou.
  34. 34. • Banned passwords on Twitter
  35. 35. Q17• Map of?• To correct
  36. 36. • Yellowstone National park
  37. 37. Q18• Id the sportsperson.
  38. 38. • Bruno Senna
  39. 39. Q19Barrels of What?
  40. 40. • Sake/ Nihonshu
  41. 41. *Q20• The time was 1883, the year an Indonesian volcano named Krakatoa exploded. Scientists liken the blast to a 100-megaton nuclear bomb. Fully 600 km away, people heard the noise as loud as a cannon shot. Plumes of ash rose to the very top of Earths atmosphere.• Something else happened-which arguably gave rise to an idiom in the English language.
  42. 42. • Once in a Blue Moon
  43. 43. Q21• 3 lettered term used for this group.
  44. 44. • Pod
  45. 45. Q22• What has just happened?
  46. 46. • Head Crash/ hard Disk crash
  47. 47. Q23• "Thats the only game of cricket in my life, which I dont enjoy. This is a game where I cant handle it. Otherwise I would love this game. But this is what our job is. We have to be honest to our teams and make sure we do well for our teams. Hope a situation does not arise where Im bowling the last over to him with 10-15 runs required. Thats the only time when I think I would be thinking negative. Otherwise I will always have a challenge. I will be really happy if he scores a 50 or 100 and we go on to win the match."• Who on whom?
  48. 48. • Irfan Pathan on Yusuf Pathan.• Delhi Daredevils vs KKR-IPL 2012
  49. 49. Q24• Equivalent of a Throw-In in Football, what is this formation on Rugby known as? Two Words.
  50. 50. • Line Out
  51. 51. *Q25• X — which involves tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting — has been named the most dangerous of all sports. Even though through the years safety efforts have led to fewer mishaps, a new report suggests that the sport still continues to cause more serious and deadly injuries than other sports.• The researchers behind this study have found from records between 1982 and 2007, that there were 103 fatal, disabling or serious injuries recorded among female athletes, with the vast majority (67) occurring in X. The next most dangerous sports: gymnastics (nine such injuries) and track (seven).• The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill released its 26th annual report on the topic.• Id X.
  52. 52. • Cheerleading
  53. 53. Q26Author of the book:
  54. 54. • Arnab Goswami
  55. 55. Q27Whose Pic is depicted as Krishna in this ad?
  56. 56. • Narendra Modi
  57. 57. Q28• Connect the visual to the audio• One word.
  58. 58. • Jim• Jim Reeves and Jim Laker
  59. 59. Q29• Id the singer
  60. 60. • Kelly Clarkson
  61. 61. *Q30• Along with Usha Uthup and Shekhar Ravjiani, identify the 3rd voice in the song.
  62. 62. • Vishwesh Krishnamurthy
  63. 63. • All the best!