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Govt.Engg College,Kalyani-BizQuizPrelims


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Prelims set from the Biz quiz at Exotica 2012.

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Govt.Engg College,Kalyani-BizQuizPrelims

  1. 1. Biz Quiz Prelims13/04/2012QM-Alekhya
  2. 2. Rules of the Game• The preliminary round consists of 30 questions• Question no’s 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 are starred and would be used to break a tie• Top 8 teams make it to the final• All the best 
  3. 3. Q1• Launched in 1969-70,this brand continues to be the largest selling Lager Beer brand in East India.• It also happens to be the No.2 Lager brand Pan India.• Which brand?
  4. 4. • Kalyani Black Label
  5. 5. Q2• _____ Zing, is a Childrens Savings Bank A/C. Which bank started it?
  6. 6. • ING Zing
  7. 7. Q3• “Asha-the discovery of the Peninsula”-is a first of its kind Music theatre aiming to nurture the rich and diverse musical heritage of India.It aims to provide 360 degree support to talented musicians across the country transcending boundaries of languages, genres and musical forms. It was piloted in Rajasthan in 2010 and has now grown into a much bigger platform spanning the entire country.• Which brand is backing this initiative?
  8. 8. • Nokia
  9. 9. Q4• What are the remmies awards given for?
  10. 10. • Recruitment Awards
  11. 11. *Q5• Qyuki- an evolving Media company is a venture started by which two famous Indians?
  12. 12. Q6• Meri Zindegi ka Safar and Meri Zindegi ki Picture are facebook applications developed and launched as part of the latest campaign for which brand?
  13. 13. • Axis Bank• Badti ka Naam Zindegi
  14. 14. Q7• The new logo of this organisation has been designed through an extensive crowdsourcing exercise spanning the virtual world and students from over 150 colleges and design schools. The contest which ran for a span of 2 months registered over 2500 entries by more than 1500 participants from across the globe. Out of the entries received, Eric Atkins of USA was announced as the winner of the contest.• "It was tough to choose one amongst 2500 entries but we all decided that the final logo is a true reflection of the X brand which is young, innovative, dynamic, bold, extrovert and fun”, said Pratik Seal, Head- Marketing,X.• Id X-revealed during a Sports Tournament in March 2012.
  15. 15. • Micromax
  16. 16. Q8• Developed by US based Key Asylum Inc., has made a collaboration with a Karnataka based organization to do something.• What is it used for?
  17. 17. • Website/ Platform to sell and distribute films securely online.
  18. 18. Q9• In the Buzziest brands of India 2012 poll,if Airtel won the Gold and facebook the silver, which brand, a rank outsider and nearly unknown in 2011,claimed the bronze?
  19. 19. *Q10
  20. 20. • Wilkinson is cheering for Marc Lièvremont and the French team for the rugby final.
  21. 21. Q11• X was at the Hapur railway station waiting anxiously for the train to start. Sitting inside his air-conditioned compartment, he said he could almost touch and feel the searing heat outside. Just as the train was leaving the station, he saw a porter sound asleep, covered by the shadow of a mountain of gunny bags stacked next to him.• A few days later, Y went on air with its new commercial that showed a man sleeping peacefully on a busy pavement, with a pile of X protecting him from the blazing sun.• The campaign for Y went on to bag a Gold at the Cannes.• Id X and Y.
  22. 22. Prasoon Joshi, Coke
  23. 23. Q12• Who designed this particular series of Hot Wheels Cars making him the first from his country to do so?
  24. 24. • Shane Warne
  25. 25. Q13• Whose NYSE ticker symbol is "IT"?
  26. 26. • Gartner
  27. 27. Q14• In 1987, when faced with tough competition from an unlikely player, the top brass of Hindustan Lever plotted a strategy to inhibit its growth. They called it Project STING.• What did STING stand for?
  28. 28. • Strategy to Inhibit Nirma’s growth
  29. 29. *Q15• Which Gurgaon based Indian company , and a Market Leader, recently launched a new all- encompassing feature named Inspire‘?• It is supposedly inspired from a similar offering from a global giant in the same industry named ‘explore’.
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Q16• The Parivartan programme is a brainchild of the organization’s Chairman, who felt that changing mindset of the people is of foremost importance to steer the organization towards greater glory.For its nearly 2 lakh employees,this was instrumental in bringing about a huge attitudinal change.• Which Organisation?
  32. 32. • State Bank of India ( SBI)
  33. 33. Q17• Back in the 1990-s,this organization started an integrated campaign to underline its efforts to trademark its own name.The campaign became famous through the line :• "You cannot ____ a ____ on a _____.Identify the organization/term.
  34. 34. • Xerox Corporation
  35. 35. Q18• Which product from the stable of a predominantly herbal company recently tied up with Limca Book of Records to create the largest In Store Display in India at GIP, Noida.• The product is a leader in its category.• The unveiling was done by Nargis Fakhri.
  36. 36. • Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash
  37. 37. Q19Genius Bar- is the retail store of which Brand?
  38. 38. • Apple
  39. 39. *Q20• Id the business personality
  40. 40. • Manisha Girotra• Ex UBS head- now with StanChart
  41. 41. Q21• What is run by Corrections Corporation which is the largest of its type in US?
  42. 42. • Prisons
  43. 43. Q22• Which is the only product from the stable of the Virgin group which doesnt carry the groups name? Only Product category-0,brand name-1 point
  44. 44. • Mates- Condoms
  45. 45. Q23• According to the Income Tax laws, which one word term is used to refer to the head of the Hindu undivided family?
  46. 46. • Karta
  47. 47. Q24• In the world of business, what is the Duress Code‘ ?
  48. 48. • Entering Your ATM PIN backwards to alert the police when you are at gunpoint inside an ATM
  49. 49. *Q25• How do we better know the N7000 in the world of Gadgets?
  50. 50. • Samsung Galaxy Note
  51. 51. Q26Id the Brand
  52. 52. • Calcium Sandoz
  53. 53. Q27 Series of ads from a campaign of a particular type of product from X. Id X and the product.
  54. 54. Levis Low RiseJeans
  55. 55. Q28• Part of Logo of:
  56. 56. Q29• Ad for?
  57. 57. • Reynolds Permanent Marker
  58. 58. *Q30• If Viacom18 were the distributors, and Pen Studio one of the Producers, who was the other Producer of this movie.
  59. 59. • BoundScript Motion Pictures Pvt.Ltd
  60. 60. • All the best!