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G-Shock 3D Branding Exercise


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An academic exercise on exploring and deconstructing a well-known brand to derive the vision, personality and language, to then identify a new concept (product or experience) that that brand could take to market.

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G-Shock 3D Branding Exercise

  1. 1. Pablo Soler – Alejandro Rios – Juan Esteban Rangel
  2. 2. * Current Brands vision* Personality* Lenguage
  3. 3. The New ProposalThe Armor for Rough Seconds !!!
  4. 4. TExtreme ArmorHard CoreAdventureRugged BloodAqua XtremeExtreme ArmorHard CoreAdventure
  5. 5. Rugged BloodHard CoreAdventureExtreme ArmorAqua Xtreme
  6. 6. So, you think you’retough enoughfor underwater?
  8. 8. Your blood will onlyattract other G-SHARKS!
  9. 9. Market
  10. 10. Benefits.1. The new concept is aligned with thecurrent brands vision.2.There is a clear opportunity toexplore the underwater extremesports market.3. The new concept is both a newexperiences (sport) and product(devise)
  11. 11. Thankyou!