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Revista digital Media Ingles


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Revista Digital

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Revista digital Media Ingles

  1. 1. YOUR JOURNAL, MY JOURNAL, OUR JOURNAL Montes de Oca / Quero / González
  2. 2. The print media, radio, Web TV, considerable importance andincreasing in all modern societies. In addition, the media take upmost of the leisure activities and entertainment. Likewise alsohelp organize and connect the other types of entertainment.Therefore it is an important industry and providing jobs andexpanding a wide range of economic benefits and potential.Radio in VenezuelaTwitter Tweets to download oldDancing with the starsFour years meets the pumpRenewal 89.1 FM
  3. 3. Venezuela saw the birth of the first radio station in 1926. Which was heard for the first time inMay of that year, presumably as radio began closely linked to the Gomez regime prevailingat the time. The dictators son was one of the most enthusiastic promoters of the project thatinitially was not well seen by the dictator. Continuity and care strictly to power the distrust ofa media that he could reverse in the future, but some relatives managed to convince theharmless character of the radio to his regime.It was thus that authorize a co-owner and director of the station to acquire the relevantequipment, programming of the radio did not offer more choice, which included two newscontent to read the information published in the official newspaper of the time. In addition,programs transmitted live or recorded music also had space for childrens stories and plays,but luck did not accompany a series of setbacks including the lack of advertisers and certainanarchy. The owners and the tyrant were filed for the year 1928 came to an end and finallyclosed its doors without any misfortune. It was in 1930 that Venezuela returned to see a newradio station with a new plan which was considered by the chroniclers and historians as thefirst commercial station in the country. For the existence of commercials and news programs,such was the momentum generated by the new station that will soon arose competition.
  4. 4. Currently the only thing that allows Twitter is to review the last 3,000 tweets written bya users account, although existenalgunos little tricks to solve it. It has long been oneof the biggest complaints of users and really, although a limitation not without somelogic, it would be useful to review any tweet posted on our timeline.Dick Costolo, CEO, has confirmed they are working on a tool that lets you download afile with all the tweets written. Is silent as to release date or further details around it,so it could still be months of its launch, but its good to know that will come at somepoint Currently only the Library of Congress and Gnip are authorized to store and track tweets old, although the former did not spread and sells second. Of course, the only tool that prepares Twitter tweets to download our own, so that will be personal and not let you search virtually the thousands of millions of tweets posted.
  5. 5. Dancing with the Stars, is the name given to a number of international televisionprograms based on the format of the TV show. Australia was the first to adapt theformat of the BBC, which is now a widely used format in the world. The program isa competition of famous couples involving celebrities with professional ballroomdancers who each week compete by performing certain dances, which are judgedby a panel of judges. Spectators shall have to vote for their favorite contestants viaphone or (in some of the shows) online.The couple with the lowest combined score (judges plus public) is removed anddoes not participate in the next week. This process continues until only onecouple is declared champion. The presentation format has become very popularinternationally, and even in Venezuela.
  6. 6. The pump is a live program is transmitted continuously from Monday, July 28, 2008 at11:00 pm on Venezuelan television channel Televen. It is considered one of the programsby achieving greater success for over two years of the channel as the first position in thelist of features. It is entirely devoted to celebrities, but carried a lot of vibration of fun,entertainment and good, since only they have managed to go. The score was enough space for the first two years, but after the departure of Jose Gregorio Araujo, began to fall, but still maintains a good grade. The Awards Gala 2010 International Mara, Mara La Bomba received the Gold Medal for Best Program Farándula. Mexico received the Quetzal Farándula the program better. Inter were awarded the 2012 as Variety.
  7. 7. One of the most important dials Barquisimeto 89.1 FM, changes its name to"More Network" a few months ago we knew as "Rumbera Network"belonging to this important circuit, Even without knowing the true causes forthis dial is separated from the circuit. Now 89.1 comes with a new name,logo, voice over and music underscore a renewed revolutionizing radio inour city.According to statements by its vice-president Vasily Constantine "MoreNetwork" and evolucinar revonovar comes to the radio in Barquisimeto andthroughout Venezuela, since apparently "More Network" will be a circuitaround the country. Being 89.1 Barquisimeto and dial the epicenter of thecircuit
  8. 8. FUENTES:Enciclopedia Oceano de Venezuela/Radio en Venezuelawww.Televen.com