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  1. 1. YOURJOURNAL, MYJOURNAL, OURJOURNAL Media Web – Radio - Tv Montes de Oca / Quero / González 2012 Twitter: @Media / Facebook: Media / Google + : Media
  2. 2. EditorialTheprint media, radio, Web TV, considerable importance andincreasing in allmodernsocieties. In addition, the media take up mostof theleisureactivities and entertainment. Likewisealsohelporganizeand connecttheothertypes of entertainment.Thereforeitisanimportantindustry and providingjobs and expanding awiderange of economicbenefits and potential. Radio in Venezuela TwitterTweetstodownloadold Dancingwiththestars Fouryearsmeetsthepump Renewal 89.1 FM
  3. 3. Radio in VenezuelaVenezuela sawthebirth of thefirst radio station in 1926.Whichwasheardforthefirst time in May of thatyear, presumably asradio begancloselylinkedtotheGomezregimeprevailing at the time.Thedictators son wasone of themostenthusiasticpromoters oftheprojectthatinitiallywasnotwellseenbythedictator. Continuity andcarestrictlytopowerthedistrust of a media that he could reverse inthefuture,butsomerelativesmanagedtoconvincetheharmlesscharacter of theradio tohisregime. Itwasthusthatauthorize a co-owner and director ofthestationtoacquiretherelevantequipment, programming of the radio didnotoffer more choice, whichincludedtwonewscontenttoreadthein formationpublished in theofficialnewspaper of the time. In addition, programstransmittedliveorrecordedmusic alsohadspaceforchildrensstories and plays, butluckdidnotaccompany a series of setbacksincludingthelack of advertisersand certainanarchy. Theowners and thetyrantwerefiledfortheyear1928 cametoanend and finallycloseditsdoorswithoutanymisfortune.Itwas in 1930 that Venezuela returnedtosee a new radio stationwitha new plan whichwasconsideredbythechroniclers and historians asthefirstcommercialstation in the country. Fortheexistence ofcommercials and newsprograms,suchwasthemomentumgeneratedbythe newstationthatwillsoonarosecompetition.
  4. 4. TwitterTweetstodownloadoldCurrentlytheonlythingthatallowsTwitteristoreviewthelast 3,000tweetswrittenby a usersaccount,althoughexistenalgunoslittletrickstosolveit. It has longbeenone ofthebiggestcomplaints of users and really, although alimitationnotwithoutsomelogic, itwould beusefultoreviewanytweetpostedonourtimeline.Dick Costolo, CEO, has confirmedthey are workingon atoolthatletsyoudownload a file withallthetweetswritten. Issilent astorelease date orfurtherdetailsaroundit, so itcouldstill be months ofitslaunch,butitsgoodtoknowthatwillcome at somepoint.Currentlyonlythe Library ofCongress and Gnip areauthorizedtostore andtracktweetsold,althoughtheformerdidnotspread and sellssecond.Of course, theonlytoolthatprepares Twittertweetstodownloadourown, so thatwill be personaland notletyousearchvirtuallythethousands of millions oftweetsposted.
  5. 5. Dancing with the StarsDancing with the Stars, is the name given to a number ofinternational television programs based on the format of the TVshow. Australia was the first to adapt the format of the BBC, which isnow a widely used format in the world. The program is a competitionof famous couples involving celebrities with professional ballroomdancers who each week compete by performing certain dances,which are judged by a panel of judges. Spectators shall have to votefor their favorite contestants via phone or (in some of the shows)online.The couple with the lowest combined score(judges plus public) is removed and does notparticipate in the next week. This processcontinues until only one couple is declaredchampion. The presentation format has becomevery popular internationally, and even inVenezuela.
  6. 6. Four years meets The pumpThe pump is a live program is transmitted continuously fromMonday, July 28, 2008 at 11:00 pm on Venezuelan televisionchannel Televen. It is considered one of the programs by achievinggreater success for over two years of the channel as the firstposition in the list of features. It is entirely devoted to celebrities, butcarried a lot of vibration of fun, entertainment and good, since onlythey have managed to go.The score was enoughspace for the first two years,but after the departure ofJose Gregorio Araujo, beganto fall, but still maintains agood grade. The AwardsGala 2010 InternationalMara, Mara La Bombareceived the Gold Medal forBest Program Farándula.Mexico received the QuetzalFarándula the programbetter. Inter were awardedthe 2012 as Variety.
  7. 7. Renewal 89.1 FMOne of the most important dials Barquisimeto 89.1 FM, changes itsname to "More Network" a few months ago we knew as "RumberaNetwork" belonging to this important circuit, Even without knowingthe true causes for this dial is separated from the circuit. Now 89.1comes with a new name, logo, voice over and music underscore arenewed revolutionizing radio in our city.According to statements by its vice-president Vasily Constantine "More Network" and evolucinar revonovar comes to the radio in Barquisimeto and throughout Venezuela, since apparently "More Network" will be a circuit around the country. Being 89.1 Barquisimeto and dial the epicenter of the circuit.
  8. 8. Entertainment crossword
  9. 9. Group Editor Julianny Quero (Drawing) Luis Montes de Oca (Drawing – Design) Jackeline Gonzalez (Drawing)
  10. 10. BibliographyFUENTES:Enciclopedia Oceano de Venezuela/Radio en Venezuelawww.Televen.com