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Jesus raises lazarus


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Published in: Spiritual
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Jesus raises lazarus

  1. 1. JESUSRAISESLAZARUSA Catechism and Reflection
  2. 2. This storyfolds themiraculouswork ofJesusof why and how Jesusraises Lazarus.
  3. 3. Let us Reflect fromthe miraculous workof our Savior, Jesus Christ
  4. 4. Lazarus and his twosisters, Mary andMartha, were friends ofJesus. When Lazarus fellill, his sisters sent amessage to Jesus, "Lord,the one you love is sick.
  5. 5. When Jesus arrived in Bethany, Lazarus had already been deadand in the tomb for four days.
  6. 6. When Martha sawJesus, she went out to meet him. "Lord," she said, "if you had beenhere, my brother would not die”.
  7. 7. Jesus toldMartha,"Yourbrother willrise again."
  8. 8. Jesus said these importantwords: "I am the resurrectionand the life.He whobelieves in mewill live, even though he dies;and whoever lives and believesin me will never die."
  9. 9. When Mary metJesus she wasgrieving withstrong emotionover her brothersdeath. The Jewswith her weremourning.
  10. 10. Jesus then went to the tombwith Mary, Martha and the rest of the mourners. There he asked them to remove thestone that covered burial place.
  11. 11. Jesus looked up toheaven and prayed to his Father, closing with the words:
  12. 12. "Lazarus, come out!"When Lazarus came outof the tomb,Jesus told thePeople to remove hisgrave clothes.
  13. 13. As a result ofthis incrediblemiracle, manypeople put theirfaith in Jesus.
  14. 14. Let us Reflect fromthe miraculous workof our Savior, Jesus Christ
  15. 15. Reflectionsabout thestory of“Jesus raisesLazarus”
  16. 16. Through the raising ofLazarus, Jesus showed thedisciples, and the world, thathe had power over death.Many believed that Jesuswas the Son of God and theyput their faith in him afterseeing this miracle.
  17. 17. Jesus revealed hiscompassion for peoplethrough a genuine displayof emotion. Even thoughhe knew that Lazaruswould live, he was stillmoved to weep with theones he loved.
  18. 18. He was not timid to showemotion and we shouldnot be ashamed toexpress our true feelingsto God. Like Martha andMary, we can betransparent with Godbecause he cares for us.
  19. 19. In conclusion, let usrealize that while theaccount of the raising ofLazarus is indeedmoving, Christ can andshall raise all the deadon the last day.
  20. 20. Consider thisstatement: "Marvelnot at this: for thehour is coming, allthat are in thegraves shall hearhis voice.
  21. 21. And shall come forth;they that have donegood, unto theresurrection of life; andthey that have doneevil, unto theresurrection ofdamnation"