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Brochure naval

  1. 1. MP-200NAVALMonitoring, Protectionand Diagnosis System for Ship Equipment
  2. 2. MP-200NAVALMonitoring, Protectionand Diagnosis System for Ship Equipmentwww.sitrackvibes.comThe MP-200NAVAL system is a powerful tooldevoted to the marine transport industry thatallows automatic monitoring of the operating statusof rotating and alternating machines, internalcombustion motors and turbines. The main purposeis to improve the efficiency of production processesbased on machines regardless their type, size, andoutput.The MP-200NAVAL system performs an incipientand automatic analysis of probable failuresoperating in a threshold prior to their occurrence.The system works automatically and online onmachines under operation allowing failures to bedetected earlier and thereby significantly reducingoperating and maintenance costs.The MP-200NAVAL system provides uniqueprotection features to monitor the mechanical,hydraulic, and electric performance of the machineindependently during startup, loading, and ratedpower stages. This system shutdowns the machineif an anomaly is detected. It acts earlier than otherprotection systems available on the market.Key Benefits Early detection of incipient failures andanticipation of their consequences Optimization and effectiveness ofmaintenance activities using ConditionBased Monitoring and PredictiveMaintenance technics. Optimization of the productive process Reduction of unplanned machine stops andidle times In-time information on machine status anddiagnosis Information available online, locally andremotely. Significant reduction of catastrophic failures
  3. 3. MP-200NAVALMonitoring, Protectionand Diagnosis System for Ship Equipmentwww.sitrackvibes.comMain engine: Diesel Crankshaft unbalance Gearbox Misalignment Gear wear and lubrication status Torsional vibrations Piston ring wear Bearings wear and lubrication statusMain engine: Steam turbine Rotor unbalance Rotor misalignment Gearbox Misalignment Gear wear and lubrication status Rotor modal coupling Bearings lubrication & dynamicresponse Steam valves monitoring Boiler combustion stability Detection of crack progress inpressure vesselsPropeller Balance monitoring Alignment monitoring Cavitation monitoring Torsional vibrations (shaft monitor)Auxiliary equipment Water pumps Oil & Fuel Oil pumps Compressors Electric motors Valves
  4. 4. MP-200NAVALMonitoring, Protectionand Diagnosis System for Ship Equipmentwww.sitrackvibes.comInstrumentationSitrack Vibes has subscribed technology development agreements with severalworld-class scientific institutions for the purpose of developing instrumentation forspecific applications.The MP-200NAVAL system uses signals from sensors located within machines and processsignals.The system supports sensors already installed on theequipment and additional sensors are installed as required.Signals from various sensors are used, including: Accelerometers Proximity sensors Pressure sensors Temperature sensors Air gap Process variablesSitrackVibes provides instrumentation and installations certified for use in explosiveAtmospheres (ATEX, IECEx), and certified for use in marine environment.Machine protectionSitrack Vibes provides machine protection systems that operate using vibration analysis. Thesesystems have a fast response in case of machine abnormal behavior, stopping the machine beforedamage occurs.Local MonitorMonitoring, analysis, and diagnosis functions are carried out by a local monitor installedonboard. This monitor receives field signals and performs data conditioning, filtering, andacquisition tasks. Information is processed by the monitor. Algorithms and analysis models formachines are the sole property and design of Sitrack VibesThe SitrackVibes monitor links to pre-installed monitoring systems on the equipment, with thecapability of analog and digital data interchange. This capability allows extended machinediagnosis with already installed systems.The local monitor generates on-line information on the status of the machine, as well as alarmand temporary reports. This information is presented locally and send to Sitrack Vibes facilities.
  5. 5. MP-200NAVALMonitoring, Protectionand Diagnosis System for Ship Equipmentwww.sitrackvibes.comSitrack Vibes FacilitiesSitrack Vibes servers are located in the city ofMendoza, Argentina. They are equipped with theelements and tools required to post-process signalsreceived and to store reports and inform alarms.On-line information on machinery status as well asreport and historical alarm information can beaccessed through the Web. Different dataprocessing tools are available for detailed machineanalysis.Statistical post-processing of machine information isautomatically accomplished by dedicated servers.Week / month reports are generated and sent to theclient maintenance officeSitrack Vibes facilities also accommodate a 24/7 monitoring room. When an alarm is generated,it is received and processed by Sitrack Vibes operators, who inform it to the contact personspreviously defined by the client by telephone, sms, or e-mail.Sitrack Vibes facilities also have a mechanical analysis service led by expert engineers. Thisservice ensures that machines are monitored every day and that analyses and trends onincipient failure signs are prepared. This customized service is provided optionally and operatesin parallel with the on-line and automatic analysis and diagnosis features of MP-200NAVAL
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