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  1. 1. 2º B-D Secciones Europeas : Alejandro Navas Torres
  2. 2. INDEX -Which is a marathon ? -Origin of the marathon -As people affect the marathon? -How established the official meters ? -The women marathon -The world's most important marathon
  3. 3. MARATHON ? A marathon is a test of resistance athletic Olympic category that consists of running a distance of 42,195 meters. It is part of the Olympic program in the men since 1896, and in 1984 he joined the women.
  4. 4. ORIGIN OF THE MARATHON Its origin lies in the myth of the heroic deeds of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, who in the year 490. C. have died of fatigue after running about 37 miles from Marathon to Athens to announce victory over the Persian army. Pheidippides actually made ​ his way from Athens to Sparta to ask for reinforcements, which would be about 225 kilometers. Yet the myth gained much popularity about what really happened, and in honor of this competition was created with the name "Marathon", which was included in the 1896 games in Athens.
  5. 5. As people affect the marathon? In these first Olympics the great hero was the winner of the marathon a water seller Greek named Spiridon Louis, who was selected almost by obligation by a Greek army officer. Before departure for two days in prayer and fasting. At the end of the solo career went into the goal to the delight of his countrymen, saving the honor Greek, since Greek was the only win in a track meet in these games. This victory made ​him a rich man, even a butcher meat offered to him for life and a cobbler to calzarle. He died without lacking anything.
  6. 6. How established the official meters? The 42,195 m for which we know the Marathon today date from 1908 when the Olympic Games were held in London and the Queen established unwittingly this distance as the official distance endurance race par excellence. This distance is that between the English town of Windsor White City Stadium in London. The last meters were added to the final took place in front of the presidential box of the stadium. The distance was definitely established as official only.
  7. 7. THE WOMEN MARATHON Initially all marathons were male. Female careers began in the 1970s and today nearly all include a modality for women. The women's marathon was introduced to the Olympic schedule for the first time in '84 Los Angeles Games.
  8. 8. The world's most important marathon The Boston Marathon is the world's most prestigious, the 2013 was its 117th edition. It is one of the six tests that make up the World Marathon Majors, international competition brings, since 2006, the five largest marathons in the world (New York, Chicago, Berlin, Lon don and Tokyo, as well as Boston).
  9. 9. marathon
  10. 10. And this is a marathon: men or women running