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  1. 1. By Aleia Bovell & Jennifer Hearn
  2. 2. Artistic policy • The artistic policy of London film festival is to promote all different types of film maker to cater for all age and different people • It helps independent film makers showcase their talent and views on society.
  3. 3. About London Film Festivals Target Audience • There are various people who are interested in the London Film Festival where in which they cater for a range of people using different types of techniques to suit there target audience. These consist of: • Children • Teenager • Old adults • British society
  4. 4. Target Audience- Children Wonderful Day This animation has been created for children aged 3-6 years old because the London Film Festival caters for all ages. The Director is Nils Skāpans he is form Latvia And the film Runs for15min and was created in 2010 He describes his animation as “It's a wonderful day for making wishes and going on a magical journey”.
  5. 5. Target Audience-Teenagers Bedford Park Boulevard The summary of this film is “For 15- year-old Byron, school rules are at odds with everything boyhood stands for. A story about how one mistake can ruin your life”. It was directed by Felix Thompson who is from the USA the film last 13mins and was created in 2009. The film targets 15 year old boys and is based on pressure its set in a secondary school, which attract teenage as it is based on early day life situations. The link for the trailer:
  6. 6. Target Audience- Old Adults Bow bells This is a documentary about post- war London it was directed Anthony Simmons and was made in the UK , the total running time is 14mins. The film was created in 1954. The target audience would be the elderly because they experience the war and can reflect on the period of society back in the war.
  7. 7. Target audience – British society Arbor An imaginative exploration of the life and legacy of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar. Director: Clio Barnard Cast: Manjinder Virk, Neil Dudgeon, Monica Dolan Country: UK Running time90min Created:Year2010 The target audience is middle age British women aged 25-40 years old.
  8. 8. Changeling Audiences Just Another Love Story A gay Delhi film-maker learns many self-truths while filming the story of a once famous female impersonator. The director is called Kaushik Ganguly The writer of film: Kaushik Ganguly Country: India This film is a contrast between the India culture and the gay society the target audience for this type of film will be people who are interested in this different worlds cinema and challenging an controversial issues.
  9. 9. Promotions of London film festival London film festival is a international festival that have all different types of people from different culture an views on society. This means that the festival has a lot of different ways of promoting showcase the festival to the different audiences. The main : • YouTube videos • Facebook • I phone apps • Website • Twitter • Poster
  10. 10. Promotion of the festival • The film festival is international so they have to cater for a wide variety of audience to promote to different places. • There are apps that can be downloaded onto I phone, the use of having the apps for I phones is very relevant because a lot of people who are involved in the filming industry have I phones. • Customer Reviews Excellent festival accessory by Penguin chowder Great app! It allows you to add a list of films in a calendar that you are booked in to see, it gives all the details of the films and events on at the film festival and you can even view trailers too! If it allowed you to book tickets as well it would be perfect. What's New In Version 1.0.1* Added images to news articles * Add telephone booking button for each event * Correct sort order of trailers and BFI Live videos
  11. 11. Facebook • London film festival have Facebook group that tells the viewer where and when the festival will take place.
  12. 12. Twitter Twitter is a great source for people to follow the London film festival and fid out what they are up to
  13. 13. Website • You can look on the website and find a lot more information about when? Where? how? Why? who? You can: • Book ticket • Watch trailers of films • Watch preparation of film backstage • Watch interviews of festival manger • find out when the festival will take place And many more… this is the website
  14. 14. Promotion of the festival The film festival have a video on you tube to promote the films that will be performed. You tube can be access from the internet so everyone who is interested in the festival can access information. BVo
  15. 15. Poster • There are colorful eye-catching poster all around London promoting the events and styles of the festival • This is a picture of the London film festival the Use of the college of Different film forming the Landscape of London shows Diversity of the festival.