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Teaching of multimedia


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Teaching of multimedia

  2. 2. EFFECTIVENESS OF MULTIMEDIAStudents respond to information differently. It isadvantage as teachers to use many different formatsand modes to teach. Teachers normally use somecombination of lecture, text and hands-on laboratoryfor conveying information.
  3. 3. USE OF MULTIMEDIA IN PAKISTAN:VIDEOS CDS WORK Pakistani Schools- purchased multimedia such as videos and CDs work well, but these can be limited by school budgets. Another drawback of these tools is that given the hectic schedule,
  4. 4. MULTIMEDIA QUICK SOURCE OF INFORMATION A teachers needs is a single system that blends text, images, simulations, video, audio and other multimedia material into a single, coherent environment that is available from school or home
  5. 5. ACTIVTYMultimedia presentations keep studentsalert and focused. It would be beneficial forour students if they could hear aresearcher‟s opinions, and read theiroriginal work. Example, our Atomic Theory II module “Atomic Theory II: Ions, Isotopes and Electron Shells,” contains animation called “Bohr‟s Atom,” which simulates the inner workings of a hydrogen atom of Niels Bohr‟s work on electron orbital‟s. In the animation, electrons can be manually „excited‟ to higher energy shells by introducing energy to the atom, and then can be seen to „fall‟ back to the ground state, giving off energy as bursts of light in the process. Students can actually see and experiment with the process of electron excitation, greatly adding to the understanding of this interaction in a system. Links within the lesson itself also allow students to read news stories about how electron energy bursts are created and utilized by NASA spacecraft. Seeing the physical processes that underlie the rules of atomic behavior helps people remember the interaction between the electrons, neutrons and protons within an atom.
  6. 6. VISION LEARNING PROVIDES THE MATERIALSTHAT CAN HELP ALL STUDENTS Schools lacked the many devices needed to play or project slides, videos, hyperlinks and animations, Vision learning have the significant advantages of the Web as a learning tool to group information in multimedia format into one place. Each module in our library contains pictures, animations, and links on a single Website
  7. 7. COMPUTER-BASED MUTIMEDIA Computer-based multimedia also helps students to develop technical and research skills that they cannot get from reading a textbook. Students learn how to work with a keyboard, mouse, and to access online information. Using Vision learning, students can easily find Web pages of information and library collections. When students can see what is going on, they can understand the important points in the lesson and so they can discover more about the topic themselves. Vision learning can also train teachers
  8. 8. TEACHERS CAN USE THE MULTIMEDIAFACILITIES IN THE CLASSROOM TO PRESENT ... LECTURE CONVEYINGTECHNOLOGY SYSTEM Many students now expect that courses will be supplemented by web sites and multimedia presentations in the classroom. At the same time faculty are discovering that multimedia present new opportunities and challenges for teaching. The purpose of this presentation and document is to provide the background necessary to move forward into the digital age of course materials with foresight and finesse, choosing the right solutions for the right problem. Our focus will be how to distribute multimedia via. there is developed a set of integrated web based tools called the Faculty Toy Box to make developing web based multimedia easy. All the technologies discussed here can be found inside or used within the Faculty Toy Box. Other workshops we provide focus on classroom presentations.
  10. 10. ACTIVITY CONDUCTED AMOUNGSTUDENTS OF 1ST STANDARD First of all I have conduct activities in class room of 1st standard to enhance and polished the abilities of students. I have take two groups from different institute, one from privet American school and other from government school to check their intelligence power. I have gave a rhyme to students to make and match possible words with given pictures .by this I come to know the intellectual ability of students.
  12. 12.  Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
  13. 13.  All the kings horses, And all the kings men,Couldnt put Humpty together again.
  14. 14. CONCLUSIONThe students of privet school are aware of presenting visual throughmultimedia ,so that they gave instant feed back on presenting rhymevisual they judge humpty dumpty , wall, fall, king , horses, men. Thesestudents not only recognize the words but all so analysis the givenpicture.But on other hand the students of government sector not easily judgethe visual and the line of action of given poem.