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Human Uses of the Desert - Mackenzie


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Human Uses of the Desert - Mackenzie

  1. 1. Uses of the Desert<br />
  2. 2. Dubai<br />The Palm Islands of Dubai are the world&apos;s three largest man-made islands that have been built on the coast of the emirate of Dubai.<br />Dubai was not a very big island but then a German man and the president agreed to build an extra part to the island and it is called the palm tree island.<br />Dubai is just a city on top of a desert it is very good for the heat the tourism and Dannii Minogueon x factor.<br />The hotels are very strange and posh. This is good for making money. <br />This is a very famous hotel it is called Burj al arab<br />
  3. 3. Solar power<br />Some solar panels are giant mirrors but others are solar panels that absorb the sun light and changes it straight to energy but the mirrors shine the light up to a tower which has a solar panel on it then the light is changed in to energy is cheaper doing it this way. <br />The Sun is 150 million kilometres away and amazingly powerful so that is one good thing about the sun. But when it gets cloudy the sun can not reach the solar panels so it does not make any power. But in the desert there are no clouds because there is no water to evaporate in to clouds. Also there is nothing but waste land so there is enough space to build giant solar farms.<br />
  4. 4. Oil<br />The desert is so big that oil must be deep down under the it. People decided to build oil derricks (pumps) in the deserts because they are quite big and they take up a lot of space but there is a lot of space in the desert so that is ok.<br />The world has a big demand for oil so it is best just to look every where there mite be oil. The Desert and the arctic are the best places for oil. If you have a oil farm then you would make a lot of money so that is one good reason to have oil farms.<br />
  5. 5. Farming<br />Farming is great in the desert because of the heat you can grow exotic fruit but the only bad thing is watering the plants but you can make fortunes from farming in the desert so if you can afford pumping water to the farm that is a great idea. <br />Drip irrigation has been used since ancient times this waters the plants just by plugging it to a tap this saves human energy. Also if you have yards of farm to water then it saves time to. It is still used now not just in the desert but all over the world.<br />There is so much space in the desert that you could have miles and miles of farms.<br />