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Lamar Technology Class S Ta R Chart Power Point


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A Power Point presentation to introduce the Texas STaR chart to a campus faculty

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Lamar Technology Class S Ta R Chart Power Point

  1. 1.  Introduction to STaR Chart Rationale  The Four Areas of the STaR Chart  Campus Scores for Mt. Enterprise HS  Trends and Meaning  What Can We Do to Continue Improvement?
  2. 2.  School Technology and Readiness  Tool for planning, budgeting, and evaluation  Campus ratings compiled and established from Teacher STaR Chart completion for MHS
  3. 3.  Teaching and Learning  Educator Preparation and Development  Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support  Infrastructure for Technology
  4. 4.  Early Tech – technology only used sparingly  Developing Tech – technology is used occasionally  Advanced Tech – technology is used regularly  Target Tech – technology is fully integrated and used daily
  5. 5. 0 5 10 15 20 Teaching & Learning Educator Prep and Development Leadership, Admin, Instructional Support Infrastructure for Technology 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
  6. 6.  Greatest Strength: Infrastructure  Greatest Need: More Teacher Training
  7. 7.  Region VII offers many technology workshops to enhance your skills as well as teach you how to integrate technology into the classroom.  _wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=18  The TCEA conference in Austin is an excellent opportunity for technology professional development  ts/index.html
  8. 8.  Training on newly installed projectors and Mimio devices  Training on document cameras  Training on various software packages
  9. 9.  Create technology based projects  Actively engage students with technology  Utilize new equipment to create interest  Make a conscious effort to include technology in lesson plans
  10. 10.  We are making progress, but we need to continue to improve  Focus on using some sort of technology each day  Let’s strive to reach Target Tech within 5 years!