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Alec truswell idea_wiki_activate_week5


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Alec truswell idea_wiki_activate_week5

  1. 1. Haptic Technologies<br />Alec Truswell<br />
  2. 2. So What are Haptic Technologies?<br />Haptic technology is a technology that senses touch to allow the user to control the technology/device. Some uses include controlling virtual objects, and enhancing remote control machines.<br />In computer games joysticks and steering wheels are examples of haptic technologies used to control virtual objects. <br />Companies such as LG and Motorola are companies that use haptic technologies in their phones<br />
  3. 3. Current applications for haptic technologies <br />Computer games<br />Personal computers<br />Teleoperators and simulators<br />Mobile technologies<br />Virtual reality<br />Robotics<br />Arts and design<br />
  4. 4. Phantom OMNI<br />This device is called the Phantom OMNI made by Sensable. It allows the user to control/manipulate and touch virtual objects.<br />
  5. 5. Omega.7<br />The following device is called the Omega.7. It is a versatile haptic device that enables instinctive interaction with complex haptic applications. It is currently used in the aerospace and medical industries. <br />
  6. 6. HapticTelexistence glove <br />The hapticTelexistence glove is to be able to simulate the feeling of touching virtual objects and allow you to touch them <br />For example touching a fabric would actually give the feeling of a fabric or shaking someone’s hand from another country.<br />
  7. 7. The End<br />