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Plog 2013: EEA add ons overview


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In this presentation I will present an overview of some EEA packages including old and new features, new packages and ideas for the future.

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Plog 2013: EEA add ons overview

  1. 1. EEA add-ons overview Alexandru GhicaD David Ichim PLOG 2013, Sorrento, Italy
  2. 2. IntroductionAdd-ons sponsored by European EnvironmentAgency. ● tested with latest stable Plone release ● documentation ● continuous integration tests with Travis and Jenkins ● active mailing lists ● source code available on collective ● egg releases on pypi and
  3. 3. eea.facetednavigationFaceted Navigation gives you a powerful interface toimprove search within large collections of items.● customized searches● many type of facets● high performance of faceted queries using memcache● synchronization of settings across multiple languages● export of search result in RSS● export / import faced settings in XML
  4. 4. eea.facetednavigationeea.faceted.inheritance ○ inherit faceted configuration from another ○ color scheme for eea.facetednavigation ○ simple CSS selector override ○ starting point for custom color schemeeea.faceted.vocabularies ○ Zope 3 vocabularies to be used within eea. facetednavigation
  5. 5. eea.relationsEEA Relations is an alternative to the default related itemwidget.● define/restrict what kind of content types a certain content can relate to● set restrictions on possible relations● you can define easy to use faceted searches on the relate items popup● visual diagram showing all the relations and restrictions you defined● import/export settings via GenericSetup specific profile
  6. 6. eea.depictionEEA Depiction is a generic system for creatingthumbnails/image representations for content types.● let you create fallback images for content● fix the default views (no more broken images)
  7. 7. eea.tagsEEA Tags is a replacement for the keywords widget.● easy way for keywords management● optimized to handle ten of thousands of keywords● facebook like user interface
  8. 8. eea.geotagsEEA Geotags is a location widget alternative.● fast and intuitive geographical tagging● search geographic entities based on● the widget can be used as single or multiple location picker● suggest values using AlchemyAPI● pre-defined values like country groups with multiple layers via vocabularies
  9. 9. eea.alchemyThis tool allows Plone managers to auto-discover and fixsubject keywords, location and temporal coverage web service.● automatic content tagging● can bulk update content
  10. 10. eea.davizEEA Davis is a web tool which helps you creatinginteractive data visualizations easily through the webbrowser.First Semantic web data visualisation tool for Plone,entirely web-based.At the moment Simile Exhibit and Google Chartsvisualizations are supported. Support for Highcharts is onthe way.
  11. 11. eea.davizEEA Daviz bundle: ○ eea.daviz ○ ○ eea.sparql ○ eea.googlecharts ○ eea.exhibit ○ eea.jqueryMore: ○ ○ ○
  12. 12. Other eea. add-onseea.epub A product which allows you to import in Plone epub files. Tested with "Adobe InDesign" and "Sigil".eea.jquery A set of jQuery plugins we use in our packages.
  13. 13. eea.uberlistingBy default it adds a single uberlisting_view view methodto the Folder Content Type, which when set as the defaultView gives the web visitor the ability to switch betweenthe views that are available for that Content Type, insteadof having a fixed one, all from the same template.
  14. 14. Credits European Environment Agency Eau de Web - RomaniaMore: ○ ○ ○ ○