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Instructional powerpoint

  1. 1. Augusta Conner
  2. 2. Content Area: ScienceGrade Level: 3Summery: The purpose of this power point is to make students familiar with the 4 greatlakes and know characteristics, making it easy for one to identify them.Learning Objective: Given websites and notes to write down about major water landforms, students will play jeopardy after the presentation in groups, answering questionswith 100 percent accuracy.Content standard: GLE 0307.7.1 Use information and illustrations to identify theearth’s major landforms and water bodies.Accomplishments: SPI 0307.7.1 Classify landforms and bodies of water according totheir geological features and identify them on a map.
  3. 3. Which 5 are right?Great lakes Great fakes Take turns dragging the different lakes into the appropriate boxes:Ontario Holmes Erie Michigan Huron Superior Pickwick Kentucky
  4. 4. The Correct Answers: Great Lakes:  Great fakes:Huron PickwickOntario KentuckyMichigan HomesErieSuperior
  5. 5. There are 5 great lakes. • Huron • Ontario • Michigan • Erie • SuperiorAll of the lakes are located in the north eastern area inthe united states. Here is a website for you to explore some facts about the great lakes and to take notes from each lake
  6. 6. The 5 great lakes can be remembered through a simple acronym: H.O.M.E.SThe definition for acronym can be found here: acronym
  7. 7. Lake HuronLake Huron is thesecond largest GreatLake by surface areaand the fifth largestfreshwater lake in theworld. For our game at the end you will need to explore this website to gather information on Lake Huron.
  8. 8. Lake Ontario Lake Ontario: easternmost, smallest in surface areaFor more information on Lake Ontario: Ontario
  9. 9. Lake Michigan Lake Michigan is the third largest of the great lakes and the 6th largest lake in the world!To learn more on LakeMichigan: /info/info.htm
  10. 10. Lake Erie: fourth largest lake (by surface area) of the five tenth largest globally southernmost shallowest smallest by volume.To research Lake Erie more: ke-Erie.svg&page=1
  11. 11. Lake Superior• Largest of the 5• Northern most great lakeMore facts of lake superior: or
  12. 12. Label the lakes: 1 3 5 2 4
  13. 13. Correct Answers:1.) Lake Superior2.) Lake Michigan3.) Lake Huron4.) Lake Erie5.) Lake ontario
  14. 14. Summary:Throughout the power point, the students should learn the names andlocations of the great lakes. They should be able to label them on a map andrank them in size after researching and taking notes. After the power point, thelearners will play a game based on the information they learned from thepresentation and links provided. When tested on the information, they shouldanswer with 1oo% accuracy.