Viva L Italia


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Viva L Italia

  1. 1. LONG LIVE ITALY a fragment of Italy sung by Francesco de Gregori
  2. 2. Why this song? Sometimes young people forget their past. Our world endured a lot of changes during history. But we must not forget what happened, although sometimes it’s painful. This is a song that symbolises the good and the bad things of Italy, an Italy that we’d like to make you understand. The song was written in 1979, at the end of a sad decade for Italy, a period of violent political fight and terrorism. There are many allegories and Italy is personified (Italy has a heart, can be murdered, can despair and fall in love).
  3. 3. Francesco de Gregori Francesco De Gregori (Rome, 4th April 1951) is an Italian singer. His musical style, similar to Bob Dylan’s and Leonard Cohen’s, recalls a rock but melodic sound. As regards the lyrics, they are intimate with a lot of metaphors.
  4. 4. Viva l’Italia Viva l'Italia, l'Italia liberata, l'Italia del valzer, l'Italia del caffè. L'Italia derubata e colpita al cuore, viva l'Italia, l'Italia che non muore. Viva l'Italia, presa a tradimento, l'Italia assassinata dai giornali e dal cemento, l'Italia con gli occhi asciutti nella notte scura, viva l'Italia, l'Italia che non ha paura. Viva l'Italia, l'Italia che è in mezzo al mare, l'Italia dimenticata e l'Italia da dimenticare, l'Italia metà giardino e metà galera, viva l'Italia, l'Italia tutta intera. Viva l'Italia, l'Italia che lavora, l'Italia che si dispera, l'Italia che si innamora, l'Italia metà dovere e metà fortuna, viva l'Italia, l'Italia sulla luna. Viva l'Italia, l'Italia del 12 dicembre, l'Italia con le bandiere, l'Italia nuda come sempre, l'Italia con gli occhi aperti nella notte triste, viva l'Italia, l'Italia che resiste.
  5. 5. Viva Italy Viva Italy, Italy set free, Italy of waltz, Italy of coffee. Italy robbed and shot at the heart, Viva Italy, Italy that doesn’t die. Viva Italy, Italy caught unaware, Italy murdered by newspapers and by cement, Italy with dry eyes in the dark night. Viva Italy, Italy that has no fear, Viva Italy, Italy in the middle of the sea, Italy forgotten and Italy to forget, Italy half garden and half prison. Viva Italy, Italy as a whole. Viva Italy, Italy that works Italy in despair, Italy that falls in love, Italy half duty and half luck Viva Italy, Italy on the moon. BViva Italy, Italy of the 12th December Italy with flags, Italy nacked as always Italy with open eyes in the sad night, Viva Italy, Italy that resists. Italy half garden and half prison, murdered by cement .
  6. 6. Italy of waltz Italy of coffee Italy that resists In the first stanza there’s the description of many aspects of Italy, some good and some bad. There is the image of a prestigious nation, rich of importance, which at the same time is torn by fascism but doesn’t die; it resists and continues to survive.
  7. 7. But we aren’t so naive to believe Italy has always been perfect. It has commited injustices, too. In the second stanza there’s the description of Italy in the postwar period and the economic boom. Then in the 60’s the period of terror, the Italy of slaughters and attempts. But in this time too, Italy shows courage “ even in its dark night”. In this song there is a contrast between Italy of honest and dishonest people. The heart of the song is the presence of Italians that have loved and struggled for their own country. Italy in despair Italy set free
  8. 8. The message of the song It is a dedication to that part of Italy which has preserved the historic memory of the Resistance and has resisted to the injustices of the Fascism; in the same way, today it resists to those who want to impose their own decisions on others with violence The song is “an act of love for this sincere country”, like the singer himself once said.
  9. 9. thanks for your attention