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Romeo and Juliet in the news


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Romeo and Juliet in the news

  1. 1. The love story that will shock the world!!! Bad news from VeronaEverything for love! Two young people were found dead this week in front of the church inVerona,Italy. The girl named Juliet was only 14 years old and the boy called Romeo was 17 yearsold. They both commit suicide. That was a real tragedy! she wanted to appear dead so she wouldnt getTHE BEGINNING OF THE STORY married with a man that her parents wanted her toAccording to the stories of relatives and friends marry. More probable is the second story, in facteverything begins with a party at the Capulets. A Romeo thinking that Juliet was dead killedgroup of Montagues (included Romeo) cat into, himself. Juliet, seeing him dead commits suicide.despite the rivalry between the two families. It Suspected like probable guilties the families ofseems that they met there and they immediately the two young people.fell in love.Their tragic story begins at this point. A neighbour of the Capulets says: In this way the rivalry between the two familiesTHE RIVALRY could finally end!The rivalry becomes much stronger when twogangs belonging to the two families face each Benvolio,Romeos cousin says:other and Tybalt, Juliets cousin, kills Mercutio, Its all my fault, I shouldnt have told RomeoRomeos best friend. For revenge Romeo kills that Juliet was dead!Tybald, and after the trial he is exiled to Mantua,but the night before the exile they secretely got A friend of Juliets crying says:married. I didnt know that they loved each other so much, its not fair that the rivalry between theTWO VERSIONS OF THE STORY two families prevented their love!At this point, the facts arent very clear butaccording to some people she killed herselfbecause of Romeos absence, others claim that