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  • There are lots of enterprise marketing tools for multinational corporations. But these tools are overly complex, expensive and difficult to use. And you need a number of different tools to do marketing the way you should do it. HubSpot makes this all a lot easier, since we have built a powerful, but integrated suite of marketing tools that allows you to do all the different parts of marketing with one system. Easy and integrated.
  • We have grown to over 3,000 businesses of many sizes (small, medium and large) who use our software, making us the fastest growing marketing software company.
  • Websiteredesignwebinarjanuary2010pdf 100113103021-phpapp01

    1. 1. Website Redesign Tips and Tricks
    2. 2.  “We have a new corporate look and feel.” “I’m tired of the old website.” “It’s been 12 months since the last redesign.” “The design department wants to.” “The CEO wants to do it.”
    3. 3. Happiness Your Company Your Prospects Time Launch 6 Months 12 Months
    4. 4. BUY NOWFlickr: thegolzer
    5. 5.  “Get found by more prospects.” “Convert more prospects into leads and customers.” “Branding” might be a good reason… if it will drive the goals above.
    6. 6. Business websites are for lead generation.
    7. 7. • Website traffic has doubled• Lead flow has doubled-- Noel Huelsenbeck, CEO, Vocio
    8. 8. • Website traffic has doubled• Lead flow has doubled-- Noel Huelsenbeck, CEO, Vocio
    9. 9. Beautiful & Empty Ugly & Crowded
    10. 10. The 3 Keys to aSuccessful Website
    11. 11. Websites shouldattract prospects.
    12. 12. Use Inbound Marketingto Get Found: Create great content Optimize that content for search (SEO) Promote that content using social media
    13. 13.  Search engines like fresh content (SEO) People like fresh content (social media) More content means more tickets in lottery
    14. 14.  Blog Podcast Videos Photos Presentations eBooks News Releases
    15. 15. Websites shouldconvert visitors to leads.
    16. 16. Target MarketConversion is where we takewhat we have spent time and Website Visitorsmoney to get (visitors) andchange it into somethingvaluable to marketing (leads). LeadsA cost becomes a benefit. Opportunities Customers
    17. 17.  Call to action on website homepage Links in all email newsletters / emails Use for all pay-per-click ads Next step after tradeshows or events
    18. 18. Websites should producemeasurable ROI.
    19. 19. Flickr: akisra
    20. 20.  A redesign without measurable improvements is a waste of time. Know your current stats and goals before starting the redesign.
    21. 21. 1. Get Found: Attract website visitors2. Convert: Visitors to leads & sales3. Analyze: Produce measurable ROI
    22. 22. Tips for a SuccessfulWebsite Redesign Process
    23. 23. Audit your website, then protect your key assets.
    24. 24. 1. Take an inventory of your website assets.  Content, inbound links, keyword rankings, conversion tools2. Protect your assets during the redesign.
    25. 25.  Removing valuable content Losing value of inbound links Losing keyword rankings Changing good conversion tools Destroy your assets and you’ll get a drop in traffic and leads. You’ll also have wasted time, effort and money.
    26. 26.  How many pages do you have? How many will be killed? Will pages move to a new URL? How many new pages will you create? What is your most popular content? What is your most powerful content?
    27. 27.  How many inbound links do I have? What interior web pages have links? Where are my links coming from? What are my most powerful links?
    28. 28.  What keywords do I rank for today? What keywords do my competitors rank for? What keywords should I want to rank for? How has my keyword rank changed?
    29. 29.  What generates most of my leads? What are my best conversion tools? How can I increase conversions?
    30. 30.  If you change domains, use a 301 redirect for each individual page. Not all pages globally. Have a permanent redirect (check at Identify all URLs with assets (content, keyword rank, links, conversions) and:  Keep this content on the new website  301 Redirect old URL to the new URL for that page  Maintain SEO / content characteristics
    31. 31. Spend resources on creating content, more than beautiful design.“Your car isnt unique, and your house might not be either…”
    32. 32. (not the otherway around!)
    33. 33. Make it easy to run conversion experiments.
    34. 34.  Limited navigation Clear and simple Form above fold
    35. 35. 32% 53%Conversion Conversion
    36. 36.  How fast can you launch a new landing page? Can one person do it in 15 minutes? What is the cost of experimentation?
    37. 37. Make it easy tomeasure results.
    38. 38.  Don’t measure everything. Simple is better than complicated. Focus on 3-5 metrics.
    39. 39. Visitors Leads SalesSEOSocialMedia
    40. 40. 3 Keys to a Successful Website Get Found: Attract website visitors Convert: Visitors to leads & sales Analyze: Produce measurable ROI4 Tips for Website Redesign Audit your website, then protect your key assets. Spend resources on creating content, more than beautiful design. Make it easy to run conversion experiments. Make it easy to measure results.
    41. 41. Who is HubSpot?200+ Employees in Cambridge, MA (MIT) $33m in Venture Capital Marketing Software: $250/month & Up
    42. 42. Complicated & Easy & Confusing Integrated
    43. 43. 3,400 CustomersQ1 2007 Q3 2010
    44. 44. Cilk Arts Increases Leads 500%Makana Solutions 3x Leads, 2x ConversionsVocio Pays for HubSpot 30x Over with New LeadsObjective Management Group Grows Leads 360%Bridge Group Doubles Online Leads