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Big aiesec 1

  1. 1. Atenea & Daniel Presents
  3. 3. Let’s showcase 5 GCPs of our COUNTRY
  4. 4. Now, we will learn about 5 GCP’s in AIESEC network!
  5. 5. oGCDP Off Peak Recruitment by AIESEC in Brazil
  6. 6. OGCDP Off Peak Recruitment Programme: OGX GCDP Key results achieved: Over 250 RA in off-peak months (July, August, September, February) Which bottleneck does it address? Lack of EP’s in the system for oGCDP/ Operational growth
  7. 7. HOW to ACHIEVE IT! Key action steps There are two BIGGEST elements: 1)Multiplying your impact campaign: to sell another GCDP before or during the realization of one GCDP/GIP experience abroad. 1)Market focus on people who have just graduated/ universities with different timelines.
  8. 8. Sharing Learnings Challenges/Successes: Be careful not to focus 100% of your efforts on off-peak, once it could fail and you may lose your peak (i.e. do not have all projects of one LC focused on that). Normally, people who have just graduated are the ones who are most likely to do a combo of more than 1 GCDPs, due to lack of hurry to come back. Learnings/Advices to the network: Not all LCs have the maturity to do this kind of strategy. I recommend you to do it with your top 40% of the LCs.
  9. 9. Contact Person: AIESEC in Brazil Name: Arthur Chiba/ Raissa Falcão Position: MCVP OGX GCDP/ MCVP MKT Email: / Additional Materials: Links and description of additional materials
  10. 10. Enabling the network. Together GCP SHARING
  11. 11. AIESEC India - Integrated Experiences Which bottleneck does it address? • The culture of internal membership experiencing the product and gaining key competencies for TMP and TLP experiences • Avenue for oGCDP realizations • Improves International relations with other countries Key Results Achieved  250 members went on exchange  Out of 250 members 74 are on executive board of 22 LCs  3 Expansions driving IXP in their LC leading to strong foundation and out of them 2 got converted as parent LC indicating IXP as an important avenue for leadership building in local chapter  17 LC out of 22 have IXP culture
  12. 12. SCR sales for iGCDP projects By AIESEC Russia
  13. 13. Key Results - About 100,000 ($1,810,000.00 ) euro for 4 different National Projects - 320 GCDP TNs XP realized Wow!!!!!!
  14. 14. Key actions Steps 1. Product Packing 2. Market research amog big 3. Sales of a product 4. Contract signing 5. Delivery of Project 6. Raising responsible culture amog LCs
  15. 15. Product Packing Social issue Relevance Members iGCDP/MKT/B D # cities # interns # events # schools
  16. 16. Market research amog big BIG SCALE COMPANIES CSR activities Based on the project issue
  17. 17. Sales of a product Main Channels Official letter to CEO of a comapny ALUMNI Contract Signing Make it rigth way Ensure money
  18. 18. Delivery of Project - Elect group of people to educate leaders, monitor results and prepare reports for partners - One person “Project Manager” with FULL TIME JD Responsible Culture - The people should clearly understand the responsability fro project, for each KPI promise to a company
  19. 19. 1.- Time line Following 2.- LC performance 1.- Ensure clear alignment BD MKT FNZ iGCDP 2.- Engage LC for goals setting 3.- Do not promise to a company something you are not sure you could Challenge Learnings
  20. 20. iGIP TLP retention rate growth By AIESEC Czech Republic
  21. 21. - For TLP positions in iGIP applied mostly people from this area cause of necessity of selling skills and results required - For TLP positions the best selleres were mostly selected - These people could not handle the people in the area so good and also their own results dropped - People unable leading people in the area caused that also TMP takers left the area (to another FA or they left organization itself) Previous situation
  22. 22. - Focus on TLP selections – not only the best sellers can be TLP in this area - Setting the profile – people understandning the product, processes with deep organization understanding - TLP transition/induction – period between selections and teams starting to work prolonged to 2-3 months - Transition/induction focused on proper soft skills education (how to lead team, delegation etc.); transition partlly delivered nationally - Selling skills of team members also developed by mentoring Action plan
  23. 23. Results - TLP retention rate in iGIP in autumn 2013 – 90% (27 out of 30) - TMP retention rate in iGIP in autumn 2013 – 85% (63 out of 74) - No. Of filled TLP positions in January – 93% (27out of 29; some positions were opened once again) - Constant growth in RA/MA/RE in iGIP in Q3,Q4 2013
  24. 24. The right co- delivery means more and better leadership development
  25. 25. CREATIVITY 15 MIN
  26. 26. SHARE