Communication with c suite stakeholders potential employers


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Presentation Oct 2012 to Students at San Jose State University Topic: Communication with C Suite, Stakeholders and Potential Employers

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  • HP new consumer products, selling cloud computing technologiesthat will attract fast-growing start-ups,transforming printing and services businesses. 
  • I leave you with this …Persistence… Persistence…Persistence
  • Communication with c suite stakeholders potential employers

    1. 1. Communication C Suite Middle Managers - Potential Employers Customers By Al Diaz, MBA, PMP, CBA
    2. 2. When Communicating with a C Suite
    3. 3. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson “if I am to speak 10 minutes I need a weeks worth of preparation but if I am to speak for an hour I am ready now” Brevity
    4. 4. Unless Specifically Asked No Yes Methodology X History X Approach X Marketing X Facts X Qualification X Yourself X Building Personal Rapport X
    5. 5. C Suite Building Personal Rapport Ask open ended questions Praise your team Be specific Listen to / and talk about… their Goals, Issues, Challenges
    6. 6. C Suites are impress by the quality of the question Challenge conventional thinking Be Passionate about Curiosity
    7. 7. We have all heard about people that talk too much You never hear about people that listen too much
    8. 8. Communication and Middle Management
    9. 9. • Teresa Amabile, a professor at Harvard Business School and co- author of The Progress Principle, says middle managers are in a "sandwich situation." They're squeezed between the interests of upper managers and employees.
    10. 10. You Operations, Finance, HR, Sales, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Marketing… Thier focus is on Communication, Execution & Details Contribute by utilizing …PDSA Model Q: What are we trying to accomplish? Plan, Do, Study, Act Plan, Carry out the plan, Analysis & Feedback, Plan the Next Cycle
    11. 11. Communication & Potential Employers
    12. 12. the pitch
    13. 13. Let me tell you about myself? I graduated… I have a degree in… I worked on the following projects… I belong to the following biz organizations… My interest include… The interviewer is testing your ability to interact with others.
    15. 15. Did you come here to get a polite smile I SURE HOPE NOT
    16. 16. What did you learn?
    17. 17. What did they learn about you? FACTS FACTS can sometimes be BORING
    18. 18. Will someone please ask me a question Here’s one…
    19. 19. Can you tell me about the position? Wrong Question
    20. 20. Right Question What business are you really in? The Ritz Carlton is not in the hotel business…they are in the life style business What do your customers value most? Making Things Easy = Reduce Complexity, Money = Improve ROI, World Class Service
    21. 21. Other HR Type Questions What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses? Determining your ability to overcome obstacles. Where do you see your self in 5 years? Listening for long-term goals, career development plan How would your fellow students describe you? Gives a glimpse of how you view yourself and what you believe are your most important attributes. What are your hobbies? Looking for interest, priorities, and fit
    22. 22. What hiring managers want to here? How you would contribute speak of others have overcome obstacles can articulate both sides outline your unique … experience, education, credentials
    23. 23. Communication with Customers and Stakeholders
    24. 24. Over 90% of the people you come in contact with are YOUR Customers / Stakeholders
    25. 25. Make it easy for your customer Be a good listener Limit customer touches Anticipate their needs Take action Be Available Look to say…Yes Sit on the Cactus Golden Rule
    26. 26. Self Talk (inner voice) is important when speaking to your Customers and Stakeholders
    27. 27. What are you? Wandering Generality Meaningful Specific
    28. 28. Each of you have a dream A dream to give back Will you be part of the clean up? The World needs cleaning up.
    29. 29. Communication Starts with YOU
    30. 30. Self Talk - Inner Dialog YOU HAVE TOO YOU SHOULD JUST GET IT DONE
    31. 31. Fear of Failure Overwhelmed Pressure Try Harder Work Longer Lose Motivation Resentment Escape Judgment Guilt Negative Affects Relationships Suffer Frustration Trigger Anger Exhaustion
    32. 32. Dreadfully Done
    33. 33. Judgment Specifically Our work is held up for Judgment Is your self esteem tied to your work ? …hence judgment
    34. 34. Become Aware – Wake Up Your self worth is not measured by other peoples grades, evaluation or judgments
    35. 35. So much of your success is dependent on you Yes we’ve all heard it before Its not what you know…It’s who you know Right place…Right Time Money or Luck I am not here to tell you life is fair, it’s not but it’s what you do…with what you got don’t sit there and tell me you can’t if you do… you won’t last
    37. 37. Books to Read… • In Search of Excellence – By Tom Peters • The First 90 Days – By Michael D. Watkins • The 5th Discipline – By Peter Senge • The Future of Management – By Gary Hamel • Influencer – The power to change anything – By Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler • The Why of Work – How great leaders build abundant organizations that win – By David Ulrich, Wendy Ulrich, Marshall Goldsmith Books to Read… • The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and the Self: - By Jean Shinoda ... • Emotional Intelligence - By Daniel Goleman • Authentic Happienss - By Martin E. P. Seligman • Original Blessing – By Mathew Fox • A Gift of Positive Thinking – Gill Farrer-Hall