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Status of broadband in africa


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This was my presentation in the ICT Conference in Khartoum, Sudan 27-29 November 2011 as a key note speaker.

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Status of broadband in africa

  1. 1. Mr. Esam AbulkhiratSenior ICT Policy Development OfficerAfrican Union
  2. 2. YEAR CABLE CAPACITY2000 – Q1 SEA-ME-WE3 960Gbps2001 – Q2 SAT3 340Gbps2005 – Q4 SEA-ME-WE4 1.28Tbps2009 – Q2 SEACOM 1.28Tbps2009 – Q3 TEAMS 40Gbps2009 – Q4 LION 1.28Tbps2010 – Q3 MainOne 1.92Tbps2010 – Q3 EASSy 4.72Tbps2010 – Q4 GLO1 2.50Tbps2011 – Q2 EIG 3.84Tbps2011 – Q2 WACS 5.12Tbps2011 – Q4 SEAS 300Gbps2012 – Q2 LION2 1.28Tbps2012 – Q3 ACE 5.12Tbps2013 – Q2 SAex 12.8Tbps