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Advantages Of AutoCAD Training


Published on - Autocad is a software application developed and sold by Autodesk, which is used for Computer Aided Drawing and drafting.

Published in: Education
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Advantages Of AutoCAD Training

  1. 1. Advantages Of AutoCAD Training AutoCAD is a software application developed and sold by Autodesk, which is used for Computer Aided Drawing and drafting. This software supports both 2D and 3D formats. It was first developed in 1982, and today it is widely used worldwide. In fact, it is so popular that it is now available in 18 languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese, Czech, Russian, Polish, Brazilian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Vietnamese and thereby it is used by millions of people worldwide. With computers taking over corporate offices, AutoCAD has replaced hand drafting. According to statistics, AutoCAD is found in almost 85% of the businesses and schools that design, document and manufacture. AutoCAD training is the perfect way to gain the skills needed to create and edit a variety of drafting and modelingconcepts for architecture, engineering, design and more. AutoCAD is relatively easy to use softwarebut is hard to master. Therefore, autocad tutorial is recommended for Architects, MechanicalEngineers, Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Building & Construction, Interior Designers,Landscape Architects, naval and aeronautical engineers, piping and cabling professional andstudents. Anyone who requires producing accurate plans and sections of a design for theirprofession, use AutoCAD to produce designs effeciently. With the perfect AutoCAD training, userscan reap the following advantages of AUTOCAD: • Speed: Post AutoCAD training, individuals realize the speed at which this software produces designs as compared to hand drafting. Drafting speed reduces as actions like common building components that appear several times can be inserted, moved and copied easily, thus saving the time on re-drawing them repeatedly. • Collaboration: As AutoCAD training is popular among architects as well as civil engineers and builders, electrical engineers etc. Therefore the same design plan can be used to include not only the architectural design but also the electrical system, plumbing system, ventilation system and air conditioning systems. Thus there is a synthesis among different groups working together and this reduces the chances of error on part of any individual teams. • Industry standard: AutoCAD’s drawing formats (.dwg and .dxf) are now the industry standards for the exchange of electronic drawings, between professionals and regulatory bodies. • Job Skill: Autocad training can be used as an advantage while looking for a job. You can develop your own CAD portfolio, which can be shared with your potential employer. These designs will be a reflection of your technical abilities and can impress employers. Moreover, AutoCAD certification can be mentioned in resume and is considered as an extra vocational skill.