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Earcos Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Earcos Presentation

  1. 1. Moving From Principal Epistles to Blogs and Podcasts Amanda DeCardy and Andrew Torris Shanghai American School
  2. 2. Formal Communications • HELP! • Tech Support! • CAREFUL Roll Out with your Community!
  3. 3. Principal Epistles
  4. 4. The Dawn of DTP DTP= Desktop Publishing or Death to Paper (Budget)
  5. 5. The ONSLAUGHT of Web-based Mass Communications Tools
  6. 6. Ch Expectation of a- Mass Publishing! One Month= 18- A3 pages X C hin 2000 Families! g!
  7. 7. Audience - Not Community
  8. 8. Community - NOT Audience One Stop Shopping!
  9. 9. o l o h c ? S g d lo l B u o s S h er y ad h e W L
  10. 10. Why?- Sharing Events • Upcoming events • Awards • Classroom Highlights • Reminders • Lunch Menus • Co-Curricular • Deadlines ..... anything newsletter-like!
  11. 11. Why?- Progress Monitoring •New Facilities •New Curricula •New Staff •Initiatives ..... keep the community informed!
  12. 12. Why?- Status Alert •Emergencies •Short-Term Problems •Event Cancellations Build community habits to seek information!
  13. 13. Why?- Marketing •Cheaper •Faster •Current •Create a buzz...
  14. 14. Why?- Public Relations Primary Communicator of School Info! The Kids!
  15. 15. Why?- Customer Relations Demands of our Clients!
  16. 16. Why?- Branding WEB-BASED FACE of your SCHOOL
  17. 17. Why? Give ‘em something positive to talk about! Customer Evangelists
  18. 18. Why? Give ‘em something positive to THINK about too! Thought Leadership
  19. 19. Think out loud!
  20. 20. RSS FEEDS! The Power of Free Subscriptions!
  21. 21. Life is too Short to have UGLY Publications
  22. 22. Good Design Is as easy as… Learning the Principles They’re simpler than you might think Recognize when you’re not using them. Put into words- name the problem Apply the Principles. You’ll Be Amazed
  23. 23. not just function but also… g n si e D slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes (
  24. 24. not just argument but also… Story Telling...
  25. 25. not just focus but also… n y h o mp s y … slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes (
  26. 26. not just logic but also… Empathy
  27. 27. A Y P L …
  28. 28. Frequent Action Oriented Short Targeted slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes (
  29. 29. 10-20-30 Rule slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes (
  30. 30. 10 or s r e e l S sid P os t P onth M
  31. 31. MI 20 NU or S TE li ! ne s!
  32. 32. 10 Bigger is better! 14 <-- Minimum text body size! 24 32 <--Minimum headline 48 64 288 72 96
  33. 33. CONTRAST Avoid merely similar elements Make elements NOT the same VERY DIFFERENT
  34. 34. Repetition Repeat Visual Elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures, special relationships, etc.) slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes (
  35. 35. Alignment Ali gn me slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes ( nt All items on a screen should have visual connection with another.
  36. 36. •Items related to each other should be grouped close together. Pro •Items in proximity become xim ity one item •This helps organize information •Reduces Clutter slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes (
  37. 37. Note: Non-Generic titles will keep your readership focused and coming back for more! slide photo courtesy of Ian Jukes (
  38. 38. Resources Needed!
  39. 39. Flickr Storm
  40. 40. Podcast! Combo of the words quot;iPodquot; and quot;broadcastquot; The Apple iPod being the brand of portable media player for which the first podcasting scripts were developed.
  41. 41. Podcast! quot;Personal On Demand broadCASTINGquot;
  42. 42. Resources Needed!
  43. 43. Expand your audience Spread your positive message!
  44. 44. What’s a Twitter??
  45. 45. Technology: Learning Together Terms of Confusion... WIKI What is it really? What can it do? A wiki is a Website that allows users to collaboratively add and edit What can it NOT do? content posted online. We set up a wikispaces account to What is all the fuss?? write the initial drafts of the technology plan.
  46. 46. Technology: Learning Together WIKI The name comes from the Hawaiian word for quot;quick,quot; and the term is generally attributed to Ward Cunningham, who, in 1995 set out to create quot;the simplest database that would work.quot;
  47. 47. Things to Consider: Policy Student Photos? Student Names? School Security? Branding/Marketing/ Trademark? Copyright?
  48. 48. Quality Technical Expertise
  49. 49.
  50. 50. Thank You!